Saturday, October 31, 2009

Post- Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards Contest – Win a Canon PowerShot SX20 IS Digital Camera!

Hii everyone! I have shifted to this new blog :D
And my very first post will be on this Nuffnang contest!

After much contemplation and browsing of those photos, I have chosen this as my choice!

This is because I feel that this photograph has a unique meaning behind it...

The red lanterns hanging in mid-air represents the olden days of Singapore
The background is being filled with the modernized buildings and infrastructures
So, this photo is showing the changes that has taken place over the years

From the olden days till now......

Singapore has indeed changed alot..
A change for the better...

Yet, at the same time we are preserving the traditions of the olden days...

With this, I hope I am able to convince you all to vote for me!!!!
To vote, simply click on the box below!!! THANKS AND PLEASE VOTE!!!!

-My Favourite Canon Moment!-

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