Thursday, November 5, 2009


Remember the time when "BOOMZ!" was the IN! word for teenagers???
People never fail to link this INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED WORD
To our dear recent Miss Singapore 2009, Ris Low!

Well first of all, many articles, news etc. has been talking bout Ris Low
Not because of her win in the Miss Singapore 2009 but of other random stuffs!
(Well, at least from my Point of view, those are seriously random stuffs)

Things like how she used to commit offences such as Credit Card Frauds
More sophisticated articled will then be there criticising about her English standard
Please lo! Is your English standard of any better? Cambridge standard? If not just Eff off!

Anyway, I recently heard of this
Online naming Ris' photo SG-STUPID.JPG or something...

Freak lo! I mean, how terrible can those people be? Well, I do admit that I do laugh at her. But, definitely not to the extent of calling her stupid or retarded!

Well, I think that laughing at her speech is of any offence...But, if it is to the extent of calling her names, Might as well ask if you are a son/daughter of a BItch?!

People don deserve such names can or not?
There is this simple concept:

Calling other people names is just implies
that You are a Moron yourself

Pathetic isn't it? Wake from your foolish ideas retards out there! (Kinda irony ar :D )

Let me use the opportunity here to ask you all this question:

Who the hell is Miss Singapore 2008?

Bet you all do not know! Even I don't!
This goes to imply one simple fact and that will "Nobody gives a damn bout Miss Singapore"

So, why must she be the one in particular to put up with your nonsense?!
You get your so call happiness at the expense of another's! Get a life kid!


To introduce a Video to you all, I shall be quarantined from those words of unsophistication.

As my topic here today is about
Ris Low, of course the video will be about her too!
I am not asking you all to mock at her through this video(though it is real funny).
BUt rather, I want you all to learn a new word from her!

To watch the video Click HERE

All I can tell you is that the Video is of pure entertainment and it just go Boomz!
Watch it and you will know it! TOP RATINGS!!! Watch it to believe it :D

Well, I shall end my post with this

C'mon! Give this Girl a break man!
She may be dumb, a joke or maybe even retarded,
But, you can't deny the fact she is real interesting!

p/s If you do not like my post about Ris Low, you can jolly well SHINGZ off!!
p/s p/s Catch the HINT*

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