Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am finally back from Taiwan after spending 8 days there!!!
It is totally exciting and a great experience for me :D

Erm...don ask me bout those pictures and post on it yet..
Cos, currently I am trying to sort out my luggage, SJAB meetings etc first

But, will try to post it ASAP after sorting out the photos and stuffs!

Luckily, I typed out every experience for each day on my phone
So, it is easier for me to blog about it and save up lots of time :D

So, off to unpack and admire my whole lots of new bag, clothes and goodies!!!

P/s: For my Grad night post I think I am not doing it anymore..I drag so long until I also sian liao....Anw, most of my friends did don bother to do it! HAHA!

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