Friday, December 18, 2009



Jingle bell, Jingle bell, Jingle all the way!!!

Well, Christmas is here once again!!!! Are all of you ready to be in the Christmas mood?! It is an occasion which everyone participates in. The joy and love that all shares is what really matters most.

For those our there, have you all gotten ready your Christmas list for both your friends or relatives? Given any hints to your friends about what to buy for you?

Be a nice saint in this festive season. Tell them straight in their face what you want! Save them the trouble or racking their brains or what to buy for you :D

Everyone has a wish in their mind and maybe for some, it may even be wishes.
I am no exception. So, here I am going to list down the stuffs I hope that I will be receiving during this Christmas.

1. NUM Slippers.***

Gosh! I have no idea, how long I have been wanting to get one of those pair of slippers! It is mad to just look at them whenever you walk past the shop! The one in black with gold wordings or the red with white wordings one will be fine for me :D

2. A nice dinner with my best friends!***
I know that Best should be use to describe a singular. But who cares?! My problem.
It has been a long time, since I have the chance to sit down nicely and comfortably with my friends and have a nice dinner or meal....
Hope that this festive season, we will have a chance to do so. This is of utmost importance!

3. A skin mask-over for my phone! (Preferably at GMask!)***
My phone now is a whole toot phone. Not talking about its function or anything but rather its appearance. Totally black is irritating! Thanks to me, I bought a silicon skin for the phone. If not, it is like horrendous to use!
So, I will kindly appreciate it if someone is willing to pay for the masking of my phone. We can go together :D and maybe pay half each or whatsoever! It is a forever present leh!
Please consider sponsoring me :D

4. A New Wallet
The current condition of my wallet now is very de Cui! Seriously need to change one wallet! Saw one medium length wallet the other day for men. Looks damn nice. Forgotten where I saw it and the brand. Just those medium length wallets will do. Hahas!

5. Shirts or jackets
Kinda bored, looking into my wardrobe with those same clothes everyday! Need some new clothes! Jackets too!!! Cos currently I only have 3! One TOPMAN and the other 2 are left to rot! So need some bright colored jackets :D


So there you all go! My list of Christmas gifts I wanna get :D
Those with asterisks will be those items I wanna get dearly and FAST!!!! LOL!!!!

Seriously hope there will be kind souls or friends who are willing to buy for me :D

That's all for now! ENJOY YOUR CHRISTMAS!!!!

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