Friday, January 1, 2010



Hi there! Happy New Year to all of you out there!!!

2009 has past and new challenges are awaiting us in 2010! The previous year has been a rather fruitful year I had and it has been a long battle for all of us in Secondary 4. The long battle which we prepared for years....

Now it is all over and the next fight we have to take on will be the upcoming Poly life or even JC life we will need to endure with.

Not to forget, all the "warrior mates" that went through the fight with us. My FRIENDS that will be! I will definitely find it hard to forget them, those that really care and treasure us when we are out there in school etc. Building a stable and good friendship takes time....Breaking it takes seconds and maintaining it till the day we all depart from the world takes centuries.

Nonetheless, I believe we can really make this happen.

As I mentioned before in my old blog that I have this group of UGFs(Uber Good Friends), they are the ones whom I will always remember.

Through 2009, all 5 of us had some rather unpleasing disputes. We managed to sort out the differences and now, we will al continue with our life's journey together as one, regardless of where we are going after the release of our O levels results!

Alright! That will be all for now! Love all my friends and...


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