Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Yays! Woke up in the morning with a great surprise, that makes my day :D

If you retards do not know what day is it today, it is Wednesday! Okay, sounds lame....Today is the day where all O Levels students 2009, get their school posting results! It is all through sms, so advance siol now(My mum stated). LOLS!

Anw, I switched off my phone last night cos I seriously don feel like waking up in the morning the see my phone just to find out that I am in SRJC or YJC! I am seriously betting all my hope in TPJC this time round...Cos the COP for science is like 13 and arts 12 -.- Amazingly.

And my L1R5 minus out the CCA bonus points, I get 13, which is like just nice! So I was freaking worried the past few weeks that I cannot get in lo! Shack, I can tell you. The feeling very de not nice at all! But, finally it is all over~ Phews!

Today morning, I woke up and switched on my phone, totally trembling I tell you!

Then I saw the following HOLY message:
"MOE: TAN ZHENG XU BENJAMIN, you are posted to TAMPINESE JC, SCIENCE(31S) under 2010 JAE. Pls report to JC/MI on 28 Jan 10 at 7.30am."

Omg! I am damn happy la! GGAAAAAAA!!!!

Then I received message from Yan Ling that she also going TPJC!!! Haha! Been in same school since Primary school already! OH MY GOSH!

Sharon also siol! GOOD GOOD GOOD! But there is also this sad and emo part!

This practically includese some people I don like....If you actually follow, my TWITTER

Don know what I had done in my past life to actually deserve this siol! Shack and mad du lan to the max!!!!

Don even wanna talk about it now! Totally pissed and Yan Ling and I were like, HOW?! Hiaz, we shall just make do with it....2 years will pass very fast I think....Just cross fingers and hope those idiots, bastards and bitches out there, won be in the same school as me...Or they can appeal! Best solution of all :D

Alright, I shall go and dip myself in such happiness of my last holi-DAY, before I start school tomorrow! Although it is orientation, but is like moring 7.30 have to reach leh! Haha!
But, I am so willing to do so :D

Bye all! Good luck!

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