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Well, there is this decision that has always makes me go googoogaga over it. I keep asking myself if I should get 2 pet hamsters to accompany me. Just like the good old days, when my Browncie and Blackie were still around...

Just a random short introduction before you actually think that Browncie is a dessert and Blackie is something random rubbish.

Both of them were actually my pet hamsters, which I've gotten them during P5. I cherish them until they were like my GODDESS(They are females...). See? I do like girls :D Alright, sounds a bit wrong already. Lol. Anw, both of them were actually my very first pet. Reason being is a simple one: MY MUM IS AFRAID OF ALL KINDS OF ANIMALS.

Amazing thing will be that, she used to live in those kampong life and she was in contact with all kinds of animals. Chickens, pigs, cats, dogs etc. Any kind of animals you can think of in a kampong. She even hugged them and slept with them lo. Best things now is, she's practically afraid of ALL of them!
This is rubbish to the max.

Ok, so when I asked her to allow me to have the pet hamsters, she immeidately said NO! Typical of someone who is totally afraid of animals. Or rather, she is more afraid of the skin and fur of those beasts(Her part of thinking) out there. To make it more cheem to you all and to be more professional part of me, it is simply called
Doraphobia. The begging part was damn terrible. It is like a baby asking for diapers when they wanna poo poo :D

Luckily, my dad and grannie allowed. So, back to the olden days, majority wins. There I go, managed to get my hands and foot on 2 hamsters! Exactly like what those kuku experts out there actually say, pets makes great companion and they actually help to relief stress and all.

During that time, I was going to have my PSLE. Shit-tiest thing ever.

No need to spend time reading or studying it at all. You must be wondering now, then where got stress? Normally, students who take exams, the stress don't come from themselves but rather, their parents. The mastermind behind all those cases of students going bonkers.

Same thing happened to me la! But, my immune system more power, so not really affected. Just that there will be time when you actually feel totally tied up and you just need to relief all those anger that you have been bottling up. Haha!

There is where my hams actually help. And dudes, it really do help. Simply carry them and talk to them like your very own friends.

Then the next part which my family is concerned of will be the part of cleaning up the cage and feeding and taking care of them. I think this kinda stuffs are totally retard and redundant for them to worry about. Naturally, if you seriously do love your pet, you will do everything that is required to meet the needs of your beloved pet. Come on, who will buy a pet and kill it? Or maybe try to have a baby with it? Maybe some sickos like you all will.

Cleaning up the cages, bathing the hamsters(And yes, I do bath them. With top quality shampoo for them ok?!) and even feeding them. These are the parts which I found joy in. Fine! Those retards out there, maybe even those who are reading this, might not understand. But, it is just a form of happiness to like clean up the cage nicely for your hams. The gush of ecstasy will run through your whole body when you see how happy your hams are running around the clean and germ-free cage.

Another sense of satisfaction same from my grandpa(who had passed away) too. He loved the hams just as much as I do, or even in fact, more than I. Everyday after work, the first thing he ever do is to go to the cage and carry both of the hams out to play with. Maybe fondle? Who know? They are females after all. Okay, just kidding grandpa. Don come to my dream or bedroom to scare me tonight.

Sadly, my grandpa died. Amazingly, when I help the hams and showed them my grandpa, who was lying inside the coffin. They kept on staring at him. It was as though they knew that he was dead. Someone who was familiar to them. The one who loved them lots.

It was very sad to see that scene. I mean come on, even animals and small rodents like them have feelings. This goes to show that, animals regardless of their size, do have feelings and gratitude to those who really take care of them.

The happening thing happened next. Few days later...which I think is like after the whole funeral, my hams died. Is it cos they were sad over the departure of my grandpa that they decided to depart too. Who knows? I mean we will never be able to fathom the hearts of the animal world. Sadly I think this was the case for me. The love for my grandpa from the hams is alot and vice versa too.

Well, days or maybe years after. I decided to get another hams. Think it was during Sec 2, I think. Approached my parents once again. But no more once upon a time fairytale happening. They just took their stand so firm and said NO. Feel like whacking their face siol.

Not over the point that I could not get a ham. But rather, over the fact that they actually think thatwe should not be so evil to bring the death of another ham. Like WTF?!

Did they even get their facts right in the first place? No, obviously.

1) I did not kill the hams! Come one! It is so obvious that I love then so much and so do my grandpa. The reason that they die is they grief too much over the death of grandpa.

2) They lived longer than their lifespan of like 2 years.I raised them near 3 years ok?!

3) All animals and in fact humans too, has a dead end when their life ends. So, why make such a big fuss over the deaths?!

See? Substantial reasons to support my stand!


Pleading took place for like over 1 year plus. Till now...Just like few weeks back, I was mentioning about having pets. My uncle immediately told me that there is this seller that are actually selling away his hams cos due to some reasons, there are tons of them after the mother ham gave birth.

Wow, can make money out of the hams lo!

So, I took his contact number and contacted the seller. Well, friendly though. And he reserved 2 hams for me. Being very blur and smoking through his way, I do not really understand totally what the hell the seller was talking about.

Right, did not bother much actually. Then, received another seller from my uncle seeling at much cheaper price, which I am not going to mention. Cos I am lazy to type so much(a bit contradicting, I know). Well, another friendly seller. Except for the fact that I am able to communicate far more better with the second seller compared to the first. Anyway, the second seller's name is Bong(My best friend now, literally friend)!

A patient guy I must say. To those of my friends out there, it is a well known fact of me to be like very blur and long-winded. I can actually ask a same question for many many many and over 9000 times! But, Bong never got irritated. In fact, he took the initiative to like explain further, on his own. Nice guy indeed.

So, I decided to get the hams from him. Cos the first seller, let's call him Bastard. Bastard's infos were totally messy and not clear at all. So, I need to clarify the price and all before buying. if not, later he sell me 1 ham for $50 -.-

And, I think he got irritated that he started saying bastrd words like:
"Do you even get it or not?! I say so many times already you still don get it?
Actually I also don need you to buy from me, I can simply sell to shops.
Don need you also what"

I swear to you that, I got so effing pissed off! I decided not to reply him at all. Which I think he got the point that I am not going to buy from him already.

So, I went back to Bong. No, all along I am in contact with him and INTENDED to buy from him as well. So cannot so I went back :D

Typical nice guy of him, he started introducing all the kinds of hams he got there. And now, I am going to get 2 Winter Whites from him! One male and one female. Hopefully, I can mate them and make some ke-ching($) out from them! Alright, I not that cruel la. Hahs!

But, I am getting those fatter ones. Cos they look much cuter than those ribcage-ed looking hams. Hahs! And they are going to look like this:


Not bad la! Exactly what I wanted :D

Currently, I am looking out for a fish tank which is able to accommodate both the hams and I am thinking of names for them too :D In case you are wondering where is my old cage. My old cage was a fish tank, which I think is much more useful and prevents the hams from running out. Due to the long term period of not having any pets, my grannie used it to breed fishes-.-

There goes my tank. Now, I am searching like siao for a nice and just right fish tank. Hams are coming soon! Must get them fast lo! I saw one desired fish tank at Kallang Leisure Park. Is those small and squarish ones, but damn chio. But, the price apparently not very chio. It cos $110+!!! Effing expensive siol! So, still on the look out.

If anyone of you out there has any good bargains over fish tanks, just nice for 2 hams, pls tag on my tagboard :D Urgent!!!

Guess that will be all that I need for now. Cos, I still have lots of leftovers products, still not expired and can be used, from the previous batch of hams.

Anyway, can all of you please help me to think of names for my 2 hew hams? Please....In my mind, I feel like naming them Pico and Micro! Hahs! Math terms to describe small. Lol!

Alright! This is my first time, I am writing such a long post with wordings. Guess my next post up will be about my hams being welcomed into the family! Hahs! More and I seriously mean more pictures of them in action will be up!

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