Monday, January 11, 2010



Time has past so fast that exactly 2 months from our last paper, today we took back our results! Phew man! I seriously don like that kinda feeling at ALL!!!

As we go along with traditions, our batch of sec 4s and 5s sat down in the hall at around 2 today. Amelia and I were rushing like siao dogs! And we pang sei-ed my uncle as coincidentally, Amelia's father was there!

We reached school to settle down. And there goes blah blah blah....
Principal staretd talking those craps. Those people with 9 A1s were totally crazy! whose with at least 8 distinctions counted up to 14 siol!!!!! EFFING CLEVER LO!

Best things is, out of all, only 1 is Singaporean. The rest: CHEENAS
Take my hats off them that they are indeed fabulous!

Started showing each class's results of each individual subject. Trust me, our class did like shit! That was when I totally when crazy and nervous like an idiot!

Time to got o teacher and take results! Damn effing scary lo! Wa lao! Worst than PSLE(Ok, PSLE is bullshit!)

I was telling my cher like:
"Just tell me how I fare! Don talk so much!"

I know likw abit rude(Or rather alot), but very nervous ma!

But the teacher went "Not bad what!"

I was like really meh? Cos along, from Os till now, I keep thinking my Humans, English and POA gg ones! Science also lo! Then i look at my results! Wow!

English: B3
Combined Humanities: B3
Mathematics: B3
Science: A2
Principle Of Accounts:B3
Chinese: A1
Creative 3D Animation: B4

Conclusion....LIR5:15 and LIR4:13...Without minus-ing the 2 extra CCA points!

Damn happy liao! Cos can go TPJC!!! And ,YES! I do wanna go JC and this is my all along decision. Hahs! Cos in class dare not say ar! Lols!

So, all I know is that I am very happy!!!! Kays off I go! Will let you all know which school I am in the next time :D

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