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Have you always wanted to make your websites available on the Internet 24/7? Don ever fret! There is a new kind of service that made all your worries just go POOF! in a few seconds or so!

This kind of service is known as Web Hosting.

We can easily find lots of companies, offering their "spaces" on their websites, granting server space for storing our data. You might think that this will simply solve all problems! Yes, and maybe no!

First of all, we actually have to really considered what is our needs as there is 2 kinds of Web Hosting services. 1 will be paid and the other will be the totally FREE ones! Free always sounds pleasing to people's ear, but regardless of it being paid or free services, each has their won pros as well as cons.

But no worries! BenVoda is here to hep you analyse all the pros and cons of each individual type of services :D



Let's all start off with the free web hosting services. Of course, it is very pleasant to have something for free but in fact, it doesn't gurantee fruitful results which we desired to have.
As the title suggests here, using free web hosting services simply means that we are allowed to store our data on the server without having to pay any fees.

Who is suitable for using the free web hosting service?
People who are beginners are mostly encouraged to try out this free web hosting service first. Also, beginners who want to learn how a web server works or for hosting non commercial personal web pages. They will provide little space for uploading files and also have certain restrictions concerning the possible number of visitors.

This simply means....
Free web hosting services are categorised by less traffic amount

Still do not get it? It just means that the amount of people who are viewing your websites etc, will be so minimal that you will totally feel like killing yourself!

Well, as people always says, "you reap what you sow". You use free web hosting services, you get just limited amount of privileges. If not, what do you all expect? Pay nothing and you get tons of returns?! Just go and die if you think so :D

Not only are you restricted in the amount of people viewing your website, you are also only allowed to upload certain type of files to server so, it may also limit your activity. So do really consider if you want to have this kind of free web hosting services.

Lastly, when you advertise your banners or website, you will definitely not allow any other advertisements to be crammed with yours and totally outshine yours right?!

This is where the problem will actually pop up to you.

When we actually choose free web hosting services, our website will be crammed up with different advertising banners, which annoys both us as well as our readers.


The best part of it will be that there is totally nothing you can do to it. That is how free web hosting service providers operate. By giving you free web hosting services, they have to actually do so to earn incomes. Not to forget to cover all their expenses by providing YOU with their free web hosting services.

Well, it all depends what you really need... By not paying anything, you will feel happy but, you will have to tolerate with all these kinda of nonsensical pop ups you have....


Now now now, "PAID". This is the word which normally people will shun upon seeing it. Basically, it is the direct opposite of what Free Web Hosting Services provide.

You will actually need to pay a certain amount of $$$ to the service provider in order to host the files that you want. Most importantly, the price has to depend on the type of hosting services that you required and the company that you choose.

For those dumbos and stupids out there. This logic is totally simple.

It is just like eating chicken rice. A plate of chicken rice at a hawker or a coffee shop simply costs you only a $3(at most) for a plate. IF you were to go to a hotel, like Wen Hua Hotel, to eat Chicken rice, you can expect to see a big hole in your pocket after eating it.

If you still do not get it, simply do these steps:
1. Find the nearest wall to you.
2. Bang your head damn hard to it.
3. Just go and die!

An advantage of using paid web hosting services will be that you can totally rest assured that traffic will be freaking god effing high! This means that you can simply upload more data to the service provider and in turn, you will get more visitors compared to the free web hosting service. The visitor wil be so loooooonnnngggg that it will be like a traffic jam!!!!


In other words, it also implies that............

This will indeed make your website look gosh damn more professional :D *winks*

On top that, by choosing paid web hosting services, you will be given the privilege to have an exclusive domain name! This will definitely make your webbie more well reputated as well as more well-respected!

Just imagine you have to go to Google etc, before you are able to track your website. Pathetic shit right?!

All these so called functions that you get through paying for web hosting services are more than suitable and the BEST solution for commercial and business websites...


Well, these are all that I can actually share with you all. Basically after browsing through my dick. OOPS! Sorry, I mean dictionary to look for the meaning of web hosting. Then I took the pain to write this entry siol :D

But, all will definitely worth it when I win the SONY VAIO LAPPIE!!!
That will be it! Thanks :D

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