Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hi once again! Think it has been totally long time ago since I really like blogged so much like 2 times a day! So, here I am again...after doing much tutorials....And still struggling with my Chemistry! However, I am not blogging now about my tutorials and all, I have life man!

Well, so I went Youtubing and started to search for some videos of my beloved idol!!!

But, you actually won't believe how appalled I actually was when I saw 2 of the videos!!!
C'mon! Bet you all know how Lady Gaga looks like! I know she has been called Tranny and all but hey! Not as bad as those videos I found! Phews!

Alright, here is the first one! Zai kia!

Phew! Freak out totally! However, damn entertaining I must say! These people can actually be said to be the assets of Singapore! Hye, I mean they actually manage to incoporate Chinese festival into a famous top hit song!

Don deny this fact that you love them! Hahs! Though he looked totally way off Lady Gaga!


Wa lao! My idol is like True Beauty can?! Don care what she is or what she did, she is what she is now! And a beauty is what she is! What must all of you like press her down to the pit's bottom?!

Anw, should not bother too much about those insolence people out there :D

So, here shall be the second video! Embrace for the gayness!!!

Well, cannot deny the fact he is like totally gay right?! But there is actually something which I so call admire him! Not his gayness definitely!

Do you all actually know that, he can do 4 of such videos in a mere 1 hour?! I mean not easy lo! 4 of this videos means like full production!!! WoW! Is lots of work to do...though like the background very de simple and so~

But if he is doing a video on Lady Gaga(My goddess~), I will totally cannot accept it!!!! Please! Even if he were to go and cut off his genitals and transform into a girl, there is no way he will be even a Centimeter close to Lady Gaga!!!

Well, this is just solely my very own thoughts! No insolence comments is needed for this post of mine! However, if you are my friend, I will welcome you to do so! Cos this is how my blog actually stays alive! With the nonsensical comments that all my friends leave :D

Alright! Off to do work now! Ciaos!!!

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