Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hi to one and all! It has been quite some time since I really sit down and properly blogged about something...Well, guess will be doing so today :D

Anw, school started like last week? On the 28th Jan.... Started off with orientation la, of course! Hahs! Quite weird I must say, cos like everyone is different school and all. Hahs! Erm, orientation was fun, in a way. My OG was rather boring and emo to start off with, but after introduction of one another and all, we are used to it already and are all heated up!!!

Well, shall not talk much about my orientation cos I bet all of you out there should have like a rough idea of how an orientation goes about....Nothing special in particular actually! Hahs!

Well, Mon, 1st Feb, we started our lectures and tutorials! Can you believe it???????! So fast hor?! But, UNEXPECTEDLY, I actually totally enjoyed the lectures and tutorials! I mean it is no as boring as what I actually imagined it out to be or what I heard from my friends and all.... Kinda entertaining etc.

We actually have to take down our own notes during the lectures as JCs do not require us to buy textbooks, they will only recommend us. So in simple terms, it means that we are actually being trained as Uni students where we are supposed to depend on ourselves to note down the important points.


Hahs! Well, I shall not go on rambling like how the lectures are being held and all..... Cos definitely will bore you all out one lo. Anyways, nearing to Friday, which is like yesterday, the morale and everything of our OG is like getting lower and lower....

Yesterday was the last day our OG will be together! We are assigned to our each individual CGs...and luckily, I a in a same CG as one of the OG member! And the best thing will be that we are in the same CCA as well :D

Hahs! So, for me still ok la! However we will still get together for some gatherings and all! This is cos the friendship that is being formed and the bond created, will never deplete and will remain and flows in our bloodstream...

So, yesterday night was our first outing as a whole OG! We went to Tampines Swensens to makan! Hahs! We had hell lots of fun and we practically joked around! Imagine 18 crazy people sitting together in the restaurant and making hell lots of noise! LOLS!

Well, nothing beats the happy moments we all had....

For now, I think I will stop here first since I do not have the pictures of our gathering and every photos that we took, I shall stop. Will blog again when I get my hands on those pics! Hahs! Well, good luck to all my friends. Regardless they are in JCs or Poly! ALL THE WAY!


P/s: I am in the canoeing team!!! Yays! I don care what you people out there think about why I joined canoeing and all, as long as I am happy about the decision I made, it will be more than enough :D

p/s p/s: Please stop telling me things like how you treasure our friendship and all! I think it is all fake and stop making up those promises which you can never fulfill! Thanks!

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