Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freaking Short Post!

*UPDATE: The new post is below this post. Something's wrong with the date. Haha!*

Well, if you all have been following me on Twitter, you will know that Ben Kor Kor (So buay hiao bai!) has lots of work at hand currently! And there are numerous amount of attempts in finishing my blog post! But problem is, I've not even finish editing the photos!

So sorry :P Hope you all can be more patient okay? Haha! Co after tomorrow, I will be relatively free, up to date, so I can edit ALL photos better and faster! Also, it will be of better quality and feel because I will be using PhotoShop then.. Currently I ish using ImageReady as my PS cos serious cock up problems!

So hang in there!!! MUST WAIT FOR MY POSTS!!!!

*Note the "S" after the word "Post"*

P/s: I've deleted the previous 2 posts too! Same reason actually..Major cock up problems with the photos! Haha! Only nice nice photos then can present to you all ma! Haha!

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