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The above is a picture of my BESTIES in class! WE ARE RED VANS GANG!

After being in TPJC for like around 3 months, have I only realised that I've lived my life to the fullest. Putting the piles of homework aside(which I've been complaining lots on Twitter), friends, and the classes totally perks me up!

Well just for you information, I've been busy for this WHOOOOOOOLE WEEK due to that PROJECT WORK! OMG! Don't deny the fact that it is rather easy to score, but that is only if we have the time to commit.

Again, as I always tell my friends "All teachers think that they are the only ones who give us homework...But they never realise that, in actual fact, ALL teachers pile us with tutorials!"

This is totally true man! I can swear that I've never study so much before in my entire life!
Come one! Not even during O Levels! I am practically studying every single day till 1am, the earliest! PW makes it worse...2.30am!

Luckily, there are interesting classes and friends in school that balance off with all these NIGHTMARE!

That's exactly what I am going to blog about today :]
All my Sec school friends and buddies will actually know that I do not take Geography at all, except during lower secondary.

Don't admit that it is rather hard to understand at first. But, I put in effort and manged to understand everything, almost. Guess I have to admit that Hard Work Do Pay Off. Below are phots of us in Geography lesson! Lots of sui sui rocks presented to us and we were heavenly damned amazed!

Phototaking during Geog Lesson
That's Jervis, my buddy in class! He likes to camwhore, cool eh?!

Picture 032
And here, is our MAD CHIO Geogeaphy Teacher! Hope she's gonna teach us for long!

Picture 036
This totally look like those crystals that we see at the roadside. But it's not!
This is like natural rock...Don't ask me for the technical names, cos I also not sure

Picture 037
Isn't this nice? Rainbowish and shiny! *Bling Bling*

The following 2 will be my personal favourites! Damn cool! You will never expect that NATURE and Mother Earth can actually make things so Perfect!

Picture 039
This will be those money face and money grabbers' all time favourite!
That is because this rock is known as FOOLS GOLD!

Sadly, my camera though is damn good, it cannot really capture the shining-ness of the rock!
Its true when people say that if there is anything that camera cannot really capture, it will be shiny objects.

It may be able to capture some reflection and all, but it is rather hard to capture the true Bling-ness or Shining-ness of the object. But, guess the above one will do eh? Haha!

The following one is the one I am totally attracted to! It is known as the Dessert Rose!
OMG! If I can, I will hope that I will have a wedding full of these dessert roses, or use them to make a bouquet of Dessert Roses to propose to MQ! Haha!

Picture 031

Picture 033

We amaze the world through great achievements and discoveries.
NATURE amaze us through the "architecture" they built.

Picture 038
Look at how amazed Jian Hsien is upon looking at the rock in his hand!

I guess we are all architectures of Nature too eh? Haha!

I am seriously grateful that I am able to go to the school which I've always hoped to go to...
No one, including myself has expected that I could actually get into any JC.
Well, now I've manage to get into one, I guess it's really time for me to Pia and get into U!

I may have the chance to choose the way I want to live in. But, I am given the opportunity to change my own life. I've learnt that things may not always go in the way we want to.

Setbacks and obstacles are always there. They exist right from the start, but it is up to us if we want to remove them.

And now, I am dead determined to destroy all obstacles that stand in my way.
University is not a matter of choice for me now, it is a NECESSITY!

Alright! Overall, I just want to say that, I am happy with the environment I am studying in nao! All I have to do now is to focus on my study and aim for the best!

Must live up to our school's Mission:
"Every Student In University!"

P/s: To all my friends in JC and those who recently start schooling in Poly, I wish you all luck in your studies too! May we meet again in University in future! Let's meet up soon together again okay?! HAHA!

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