Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've no idea if its the weather or just me, who don't have enough sleep or so...I am terribly sick now man! This feeling totally sucks too!

It all started the night before yesterday. Around night time, I suddenly experiences an intense pain at my stomach area or around the waist, whatever you all called it. And I thought is because its time for me to do some shitting and yes, I did shit.

But, the pain still persist there, which is like _l_ How can something so on-living be so obstinate about being at one location and bringing misery to others. Amazing.

Thanks to all the god ABC that I do not have any assignments on hand for that day.
No much assignments = Early sleeping time

I was kinda tahaning throughout the whole night's sleep. Guess I don wanna wake my parents up though there is something called "Closed door" and "walls". But ya, when you make lotsa noise, even the idiots living below you can hear your cry.

Miraculously, managed to hold on and here come the lovely Tuesday...
The thing that's lovely about this day is that I am the Second Parade Commander for the week. And I will be the overall Parade Commander the following week. Nice babe~

The pain was still there, no doubt about it.

And suay enough, yesterday was a day that's full of those very hiong and intense lessons such as Geography, GP and Chemistry. Enough to kill one if they missed out even an hour lesson on it.

Bo pian and under a LL(Lan lan) situation, I have no choice but to hold on.... If not what you want me to do sia? Kill myself? I think I will start killing others first.

I somehow managed to hold on all the way before GP starts. That was when I totally cannot tahan already! It was effing pain like people stomp on your tummy numerous times! Worst than those of an elephant's! All my friends actually managed to noticed that I don look okay.

Nice to know that one can actually have so many friends around him/her, caring for them when they really need it. That's why people always say that at house, we will depend on our family and outside, we will depend on our friends.
*Don't mind about my lousy Enlish, got enuf comments on it and I kinda don bother :D*

I wonder what got into me or if I'm possessed. I actually went ahead for GP lesson! OMFG?!
Come to think of it, What was I thinking of? Nah, maybe I am born to be this hardworking :]

Did not last loooong I can tell you. Seriously, the pain is not a pain but a torture. I tried holding on until GP ends but failed to do so. Around 5 mins only, I started to go "white". My friends were like "You don't look too ok, you look pale!"

I may sound like a National Flag to you now cos after that, I started to show sign of vomiting and my face turned "RED" and my friends went
"You don't look too ok, your face looks red!"

Being nice friends of mine, they informed the teacher and she actually got worried. I was like o.O Is that our GP teacher. Well, our GP tutor is those very strict one, I don't actually resent this. In fact, I feel that it will be of greater help to us. Without such teacher, you can seriously forget about me or us doing our work. Tsk tsk, bad students.

So went to informed my dad to come and fetch me and took the pink form(for early dismissal from class etc). Where did I go? To the doctor la, duh. LOL.

I was expecting a "crowd" at the clinic but NO, there was no one sia. Okay there was a lady who just got out from the consultation room. Guess people don't really get sick in the afternoon. "Ting dong" and its already my turn. Less than a minute of waiting time. Nice.

Went in and the doctor actually thought my in-grown toe nail got problem again and he went "You toe nail still got problem?!" His expresion was priceless. Too bad eyes cannot snap photos, if not I will be able to take down a picture of that epic moment.

Blah blah blah (Fast forwarding) and I'm diagnosed with Large Intestine Cramps!
Surprise? Me too. What on Earth is Large Intestine Cramps?! Not like I got menses or anything that leads to this ya? Hmmm... As curious as I am, I just don bother finding out. Lol.

Oh ya! I was given a jab too. To kinda ease the pain or so because the pain lasted overnight till yesterday afternoon(AND TILL NAO!), so medication alone can only help in limited ways.

Of course MC 2 days lo. Now still having the pain man! And I am blogging here for your sake!
How noble am I? So MUST vote for me for the SGBlogAwards!!!

I missed out a lot of activities today and they are real important ones? LIke my Student Council Meeting! I am in the 25th Student Council Investiture Committee and today they have a meeting like now(?) to discuss about how to go about it, and here I am, MIA!

Luckily I help in a part last night: Designing the Invitation Card for the Investiture.

Of course, Yours Truly, make full use of this opportunity to Shen Zhan his PhotoShop Skills!
There were actually 2 design being posted up on the 25th SC Group on FB. Needless to say, mine was one of them. Everyone was going GOO GOO GAGA over the other one, no idea why, so I started to design mine and posted it onto the group's photo page.

Took me around 30mins or less to design it? Well, not bad right the timing? Proud of myself!

So, here's the 2 different designs that were being posted up:

Student Council Investiture 2
This is the one that was designed initially and everyone loved it!

Student Council Investiture

What do you all think of it? Haha!

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