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Weekends are approaching and by right, I should be like MAD HAPPY nao because as I've mentioned before, weekends are more than diamonds to JC students! But I have Student Council Camp tomorrow, yes tomorrow right after school, till Sunday!

There goes my weekend...but I do hope that it is worth the sacrifice.

Last weekend, I had lots and lots of fun! Went out to shop and eat! I seriously ate a lot last weekend! However, rather satisfied that I am able to live so loooong to enjoy my life :]

Went to a new restaurant at Parkway Parade, TORBY. The shop area is rather limited and small, yet the food that they serve is SUPERB! And, you can trust me on that!

Picture 056
Got a kick start with their drinks! Yums yums!

Oh yes! Did I not mentioned that, they also have rather interesting names for their drinks?
Mine is the white one above, and guess what it is call? It's called "PEAR-A-DISE"!

If I'm not wrong, it is indeed made from real flesh an meat of pears! The crumbles of pear bits in the drink totally drained my soul away! Refreshing and cooling! TOP RATINGS!

Well moving on to our Main Courses: BEEF LAGSANE!

I must also say, this is a die die must try! The lagsane here is totally different from those that you eat in DeliFrance etc. The one in TORBY has a type of fragrance that captures the consumer's appetite, even before eating it!

Aiya! Very hard to explain la, go try and you'll know!

Picture 057

The Otah-look alike food at the corner is actually Garlic Bread. Surprise eh? Me too.
OMG! This blog entry is like making me drool lo! The garlic bread, I can definitely assure you that it will taste different from ALL the other types of garlic bread outside!

It is not those teng teng, very hard to chew those kind. This is soft and has the fragrance of garlic tingling at your nose. Even babies can eat la!

*Drum beat*

Next main dish is Ribs! Their main specialty there! Whichever animal's ribs those are, I totally have no idea. Sorry.

Picture 058

Come one and admit to me that you all out there are drooling right in front of your computers or lappies nao!

I mean who can actually resist the temptations of these food?! Even the dead will bounce back to life to eat it, when they smell the scent of these food! Haha!

Last but not least, after all those scrumptious main courses that we'd conquered! It's time to have something sweet to neutralize everything :]

Picture 059
My FAVOURITE Oreo Cheesecake with the

I know you all must been thinking " What the hell? You got so many favourite food, then what you don't like?!" Haha! Till now, I can only think of MUTTON.

The oreo cheesecake totally melts in your mouth! RU KOU JI HUA!

This shall end my section of my meal at TORBY! Well, I can only say, you will definitely live to regret if you miss the opportunity to dine there! GO THERE NAO WITH YOU LOVE ONES!


Headed to town to shop!!! Target shopping malls: 313 and Orchard Central!

Alright, I think 313 is more shop-able than Orchard Central, to me at least. 313 got like more youngster shops lo. Orchard Central is like for those working adults and all. Aiyo! I also not so old yet okay?!

As usual, headed straight for those budget shops first: COTTON ON and UNI QLO!

COTTON ON is always packed with people! Is as though they have ongoing sales for 365 days in a year! Phew! DBT! DAH BULEH TAHAN! Haha! If you know what I'm referring to!

Nah, did not buy anything from COTTON ON. I think their products' designs are rather limited in some sense. Can't seem to find any breakthrough ya?
So obviously, I chiong towards UNI QLO!

Ah ha! That is the shop that is really talking!

Sales + nice nice clothes = BenVoda buying more clothes!!!!!
Thick skined-ly, took 2 photos in the changing room, with me in 2 different tops which I think are damn nice!

Picture 066

This is one of the many many shirts with Disney characters on it. It is a corporation of Disney and UNI QLO. They also have Mickey Mouse, One Piece(No idea how is it link to Disney) and many many more la! LAZY to type out all....

Picture 067

This is my favourite picture, out the mountains and seas of photos I've taken! But rather irritated by that extra strap dangling down there! Next time I must take note of these kidna small tiny winy details!

*Oh ya! These 2 photos are going to be part of my Blog Header. Now, it is already done actually, just that I cannot really find lots of free time to really sit down and put it on. Bear with this first eh? I try to do so after I come back from camp!*

Erm, actually got alot more to blog about last Saturday! But now, I've yet to pack my luggage and all for camp, I shall make it a simple one. SORRY!

Then here comes the lovely Sunday! Went to makan makan at FISH&CO!

Since ages form the last time I've been to FISH&CO. to dine, that is. Have a kind of family feeling when I went to makan there. But is not Tampines's outlet but Parkway Parade one! LOL! Again, I was at PP.

Well for those who do not know, I used to work in FISH&CO. with lots of my classmates during our holidays, while waiting for release of O levels results. Haha!

You can expect me to have only very little photos, because I can tell you, I only have one!
I was getting so carried away by eating that I gobbled down everything before I even take any photo!!!!

Alright, at least got one okay? Lol.

Picture 060
Yum yum! My FRIED CALAMARI!!!!

Picture 055

Alright! With these, I shall end my blog post here!

Hope my Student Council camp will turn out to be a FUN and FRUITFUL one! CHEERS!

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