Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear Grannie and Cousins,

I am very sorry that this post comes too late and overdue! Haiya, too busy with school already sia...LOL! But now I shall stop procrastinating and start posting up the pictures.

I never even post onto FaceBook before this ok? This show how much I wanna display you all out on my blog before I do on FB! Hah!

Anyway as follow are pictures of my Mother's Day celebration out with grannie and my Aunt! Well, a lot may feel that celebrating Mother'd Day with grandmothers is weird...But I don't see any reason why we should.

Maybe because this has been a tradition since I was young? I used to celebrate Mother's Day with both my mother as well as my grandmother all the time. Guess some things are rather hard to change :p

Also, there are some pictures of my cousins and I going to the new Party World KTV at some place near Orchard. Been a long time since I went to a KTV and since I went out with my cousins already!

Well, too lazy to blog now....So I shall let the pictures do the talking themselves then!

Picture 087
Happy Grannie!!!!

Picture 088

Picture 089

Picture 091
Happy Aunt and Happy Grannie!

Picture 092


Picture 098
Big like siao ding dong la!

Picture 099
That's Gina and I!

Picture 100
That's right! There is even a foot reflexology machine in the KTV room!

Picture 104

Picture 106

Picture 109
Nobody have seen me do this expression in real life before! Sneak preview!

Picture 112

I am damn amazed by my very own photo editing skills nowadays! Though still not as good and all, but at least you all are seeing something new and different everytime when I blogged!

Anyway, lots of people are complaining about my lack of posts! Sorry, seriously sorry about it! Ben Kor Kor(Sound so stupid), will try to blog more! I PROMISE!

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