Monday, May 3, 2010


As the title suggest, I am finally discharged from the hospital. Guess it was rather good to stay in the hospital. Mainly because I finally get to have some solid good rest, since I enter JC.

Come to think of it, I seriously did not have any good rest at all since my JC life starts its journey. There is a price everyone has to pay for the choice they made, and I think it is totally true.

I wonder if anything is wrong with me, I actually miss staying and sleeping in the hospital.
I think I am going bonkers already. Woodbridge is waiting for me!!!!! Lol.

Anyway, below are some few pictures I've taken during my hospital stay. I can only take like 4? Too weak to do anything actually. You all are damn luck already, to even see 4 pictures!

Haha. Well, "enjoy" the pictures taken then.

Picture 066
Looks like Ribena, but its my blood. LOL.

Picture 067
For God's sake, this thing is called a drip!

Picture 068
Thirst for blood anyone??? Cannot believe I am still wearing my bands! LOL!

Picture 069
Not forgetting to catch up on my Geography!!!!

Picture 070

Picture 077
No doubt, I AM YOUR ECSTASY!!!!!!!!

Vintage Camwhore
This picture got those HEAVEN kinda feel! Like this picture lots!!! Thanks Sunshine!

As you can see, all these photos are taken in a cab. Well all I can say is, be as SHAMELESS as you can. For everything nice that you get, you have to pay a price for it. To me, I feel that it is not very easy to capture nice photos at all. So, treasure all moments and take out your camera and SNAP the moment.

Don't miss it and regret.

Gonna head back to school tomorrow... Guess alot of challenges awaits me! Huat ar!

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