Monday, May 31, 2010


For those who have been following me on Twitter, you would've known by now that I've gotten my hands on an iPhone!!!!

Picture 123

Till today, I still cannot believe that I got an iPhone. Basically there are 2 main reasons:

1) I'm rather against iPhone users in the past, I do not know why. Just kinda feel like they are a bit cocky, just because they owned an AWESOME iPhone. Guess, I am practically one of them now!

2) IT IS SERIOUSLY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!! Why would my parents be in their right mind buy for me?! Not only the phone is expensive but the plan itself is already a BOMB.

Nah, despite the above, I still got an iPhone today. Weird eh? Maybe that's what reality is all about. When you least expect something, you will most likely to get it all the time. Haha!

Also, I spent lots of effort to actually convince my Mum to buy for me! She's one difficult one to handle, in this case, I not talking about her temper(which is equally hard to handle), but rather she is always diverting my attention to other things when I raise the issue of getting an iPhone! HMPH! Tricky mother!

Maybe I am the same as her! Genes ma...Be careful of me eh! HAHA!

Well, though all iPhones look alike, I will still thick thick skin and post it RIGHT HERE!

Picture 124
The word which all of us are in love with now!

And I stripped and tear off its clothes!!!! And it showcased to me THIS:

Picture 125
The iPhone itself! What you all thinking just now? LOL.

Another amazing thing, which most of my friends are amazed by is that, I only got the phone like 1 day(right after I got it) I already got many many pages of Apps! They all think I siao one, download so fast! Muahaha! Efficient ma :]

Picture 126

Picture 127
The free iPhone magazine I got from M1. It costs $9.50 sia!

Picture 128
Happy boy with his new toy! iPhone's name is Galux!!!!

Everyone's wondering where did my BlackBerry go to then? Well, I gave it to my mum. Though she can always sign up a plan for like 2 years and get any other phone that's better, but my mum is just not so into phones. She feels that a phone is just use to answer call or to phone others, why should she get one?

But, as her son I feel like she's very ke lian.... Because she is always giving me the best of everything! Yet, she is the one who ends up having those cui cui things... So, decided to give her. She's reluctant to take it though, but I forced her then she relented! MUAHAHA!!!!!

Well, this shall be all for this post! I know you all love my phone and obviously ME also!
End it off with the MAJESTIC phrase or whatever you call it, maybe logo?

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  1. ehhhh apple might be announcing a new iphone on june 7.