Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ah Bengs And Ah Lians

The main topic today will be on Ah bengs and Ah lians!

This is a topic that has been going on for a very long time since god knows when and till TODAY, it has never stopped. Family, friends and the society are always touching on this topic and discussion. So what's going on around here?

Do they really deserve the "death sentence" from society? Do they deserve it?

Personally, I think it is both YESH AND NO! Well, whenever we talk about them, we actually categorise them as a general. But personally, I feel that they are not ALL that bad... NOT ALL.

Okay, before I touch on how idiotic some of them can be, by wasting their time in this life, I shall give a so call brief introduction on what I think about them.

There are basically 2 main categories of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians, let's call them hooligans.
GOOD and BAD. I know it sounds a little bit pushit but trust me, it makes hell lots of difference! We must always take into consideration the minute and fine details of things.

As I've mentioned earlier on, there is always a good side of things. So, we should never see things in general and make a sweeping statement. Well, this is getting to be a little bit like General Paper already...

Anyway, you all must be thinking that I've just suffered a SERIOUS blow on my head or I've went bonkers! Why on Earth will I ever say that hooligans are good? All I can say is, I am saying this so-called nonsensical sentence due to my very own personal experience.

I cannot believe I am saying this too. But people's thinking do change if they undergo certain experiences.

It happened when I was in.....Primary 4? I remember I always go to Coffee Bean at Paya Lebar to study for examinations etc. Good studying environment. You can bet that I always see hooligans hanging around there. Guess they all now are lao kok koks already... So many years ago! Haha.

Okay, maybe not this old.

Aiya, then children of my age that time confirm playful one ma! But I think I am retarded back then. I was playing with the escalator handle, or whatever you call it la! If you don't know what I am talking about, it is this:

escalator copy
Get it now? Haha! I so nice use picture and show you all leh! *shy*

Then I stupidly held on to it very tightly, thinking I can actually stop is from moving *feeling retarded now*. The next thing I know, I feel myself moving along with the handle, going forward and UPWARDS! Geez! At that point of time macham Superman lo!

I was literally crying! Imagine hanging outside and going upwards!

Then, there was this bunch of Bengs and Lians, they suddenly jump out of their sit(in a very kan jiong manner) and tried to grab hold of my leg to get me down but, failed.... At least they tried, and I realised these "hooligans" actually tried to save me, whereas those supposedly more well mannered and educated ones, simply just sit down there and continue doing whatever they are busy with.... When they realised what was going on, they just pointed at me and gossip. Bitched and Bastards they are.

Okay, from here I can actually tell that not all hooligans are bad in a sense. Some has conscience actually. On top of that, some of them may be another smart ass, just that the way they carry themselves do not tell us.

Here I am proving the fact: DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER

A lot of people have the mindset like what JC students are cleverer etc. Not saying this because I am a JC student, because I believe Poly students can be smarter. Like my friend, actually got three 6 pointers in his class, i Psychology Course.

But hor, some JC students act like hooligans, like totally. And they are from those better JCs! One example will be MJC. I saw one guy and diao him (I am hooligan also?), because he look very Beng and keep acting sat(in Hokkien please).... Then I realise, he's a smart ass from MJC. Owned.

Maybe the one I saw was not as handsome as this one eh....

Alright! Is more of this kinda look, just that the hair is BLACK.

Aiya, my point is Ah Bengs can be smart asses and kind hearted etc. Need not always be those rowdy rowdy retards. Also, some of my friends in JC now are also like that, so don't see the link why Bengs/Lians cannot be nice peeps!

2) BAD
There are the ones whom I really detest to the max! These are the ones we can see almost everyday when you go to some places like bugis street (where most of these cheapo ahbengs/lians get their cheapo shirt with lousy material from . I'm not saying bugis street is for ahbengs only ! I too go there to get some cheapo shirt with lousy materials too :D ) . When they're in school (for eg) , they swing their arms like they're some kind of windmill or something , they have to oscillitate and reciprocate the actions of their hands , or else it'll kill them or something . Some even think that it's cool ! I don't see how is that cool in anyway -.- FYI it's totally RETARDED!!!

Like what Tyler said(Fwen fwen!) if not all, most of them act like MONKEYS! In the sense like, if we ever bang into anyone of them, they are bound to go "KNNBCCB!", "BUA SONG AR?!", "WANT FIGHT COME LA!" etc. Too many to be listed. Don even know why they should kick up such a big fuss over such a small matter, that can simply resolved by accepting the apology of others. Simplay put, it is as though they are having PMS 24/7.

Anyway, if you all seriously want to act like monkeys you all should be doing some things more wild. Let's say throwing shit all around? Or even making out with your mate on the streets?!

Blog Photo copy
Wa! Not bad eh? The girl looks as though she's getting what she wants :]
Then, the male one look so emotionless... Not shuang meh? In public some more! Haha!

Frankly speaking, I SERIOUSLY hate these kinda people. Act as though you all know everything in this world. However, your world only revolves around the dictionary of the HOLY HOKKIEN BIBLE. E.g. CCB, KNNB, KNNBCCB, LJ, HG ETC...

Stop being such a disgrace can? You
ARE the joke here boy and girl.
Kindly spare a thought for your parents, if not yourself.

Blah blah blah. I just feel that people should have self respect in some sense. Why choose to be hooligans? Does it make you much cooler? You intimate others because you feel inferior to them. You are jealous of them. In fact, you are afraid of them.

Just because you all are afraid to lose to others and show your weak side, you chose the hooligan path and go around intimidating those younger and weaker ones.

All I have to say is:
Don't choose to be a monkey. There are much more better things.

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