Monday, June 7, 2010

Choir Concert At Victoria Concert Hall

Choir Concert at Victoria Concert Hall copy

Last Wednesday, my OG mates and I got together and went to TPJC'S CHOIR CONCERT + Musical. Well, one of the rare chances for us to get together. So this concert not only serves as an OG outing but also to go there and support our OGL, Gabriel Siew and our OG member, ISABEL!

TPJC Choir seriously put in a lot of effort in preparing for this concert. Lol, I sound as though I am part of the family. But, I say this because they even took great concerns for the minute and small details such as linking the theme of the concert to the design of the programme booklet! Damn impressed and I take my hats off them. Wonder how many hats I have.....LAME!

Picture 123

Picture 124
Okie, those leaves that you see here was PhotoShopped by me. Original is without it :]

Picture 128

I've always loved those very Victorish looking structures. Of course, in Victoria Concert Hall, you are bound to see lots of it!

Picture 125
If only my house can have this!!!!!!!!!!

Oh ya! Did I not mentioned that I was a VIP there? YA! Amazing right?! I am like the VIP of TPJC CHOIR CONCERT!!!!! Woohooo! So, my seat was rather "special" compared to others *proud and blushing*

Picture 127
I am the CEO of whatever this company is! *PUKE*

Below will be photos of my OG mates and I. Do not discriminate my friends, if not.....You will suffer the consequences.

Lol. Kidding la! Here goes :]

Picture 129
Hot babes (Right to left): Kai En and Cheryl!

Picture 130
Here is Bryan.
Shocked that someone's taking photo of him.....NOT! He posed this! LOL!

Picture 131
Jervis playing with my toy (iPhone aka Galux)!
No idea why this photo is so pixel-ised..... Maybe Jervis not human o.O

Picture 132
Candid shot of MR.BRYAN! Nice phone you got there ar!

Picture 133
Somehow, the twist in this picture looks as though it does not belongs to Lloyd o.O HAHA!

Picture 138
In Singapore, we have Lloyd as our 花样男子

Picture 140

Picture 143
The guy in Bright YELLOW is our OGL, Gabriel Siew Mai!!!!

I did not really take a lot of photos of the concert itself. Too engross in watching it because it was very nice! And, those peeps sitting in front of me, their head big like POLAR BEARS' ASSES LA! I cannot even watch the concert properly already, how to take photo? Lol.

Shall end this post with a group photo of us!

Picture 144

Just in case you are wondering:
1) Vest from COTTON ON
2) Shirt from FILA

This concludes the end of the post: Choir Concert At Victoria Concert Hall!


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