Thursday, June 17, 2010

Damn Busy & Tired....

Just a quick update on what's happening with my current life.

This June Holidays is totally not a holiday lo. I spent almost EVERYDAY studying! Who does that during holidays? I refer to those normal ones. But there is one contradicting issue here, on the other hand, I also feel that it is good. Somehow, it forces us to revise.

Oh ya, in case you all do not know, my examination aka MYE, is during the first week when school reopens. That leaves me now with exactly 10 more days to study for it! Damn stressful.

Wanna take a look at the "Beautiful" and "Precious" eye bags which I've accumulated?

Picture 230
Ta dah! Power or not?! Anyway, I am holding on to the Faux Chocolate iPhone case!

Personally, I feel that it is far off worst than O Levels lo. At least during Os I am not so stress up. Wonder why. Guess that's why I am in TPJC, at least it is my dream school though.

As there is a saying "Great powers come with great responsibility", My situation is somewhat like this I guess. I hold an Exco position (secretary) in Student Council, which adds tons to my workload in a way or another. So, this SIMPLY means I have to achieve and maintain better results in order to stay in Student Council. Phew, additional stress.

There is also a price to pay to great goals as well. University is what all peeps in JCs aim for, if not go for what? Siao ar?! The road is totally filled with difficulties and obstacles, which I believe I can tackle it and handle it. HWAITING~

Not going to grumble too much because it does not help to solve any problems! So, I just have to give my best so that I will not regret. I will not turn back at the later stage of my life and say "I should've worked harder".

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Oh, I am currently in the mood to take photos without wearing my spectacles! If everything goes well, I might just Kiss Goodbye to the spectacles day! Currently, I need some recommendations on where I can get my hands on Colored Contacts!!!! Please comment here on my blog to tell me or do so at my TWITTER!


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