Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day~

Happy Father's Day

Well, Sunday just passed by and it was Father's Day. I think everyone knows right? Those who don't know seriously can just go and find the nearest wall to you, and bang yourself real hard to it.

For me, this year's Father's Day celebration was rather dull and simple compared to the past. I guess it must have been due to my studies etc. Spent most of my June "Holidays" studying for SA la. So I kinda neglect the preparation for Father's Day. Sorry dad!

But to me, I think it is not how good you live or eat that matters, it is those who accompany you that matters. You can give me the best food or my favourite food to me, but if I were to dine with somehow I don't like, I'd rather you just kill me. Also, I think that my parents or in fact, all the parents in the world, will not be much bothered by how lousy or so the food is. This is because all they want, is to dine with their children.

Blah blah blah. I think I sound as though I am a parent already! But, I seriously do hope that I can be a father real soon! Ya, so I brought my parents to Downtown East, targetting at SAKURA. But, I forget to book in no more seats for us. Then we headed to this rather cornered restaurant, Fig&Olive, must compliment it because it is damn peaceful to dine inside!

Picture 230

Picture 231
Real candles being lighted up to build up the atmosphere

While browsing through their menu, I realised that all their food looks damn nice! On top of that, got special offer lo! A 1-or-1 main dish! Who can resist it man! So, my family and I kindly ordered 2 min dishes, so this means we got 2 free dishes! Eat until lao sai!

Picture 232
If I never remember wrongly, this drink is called "Strawberry Confusion"

Picture 233
This is like a MUST-ORDER dish: Fish & Chips! It just tastes different from others :]

Picture 234
This dish is chicken in melted cheese served with spaghetti! Wa, the cheese is SUPERB!

Picture 235
Maybe I am sua ku or what, but the Olive Rice is new thing to me! It tastes HEAVENLY~

Picture 236
After so much feasting on meat, I ordered on Mushroom Spaghetti! I personally like this a lot because the cream sauce is thick and creamy! Also, I love the smell of the mushrooms!

The costs is not expensive also. Affordable or students like us as well! Head down to Fig&Olive with your friends today! There are also student meal at just $7+! Mad or what?!


The next day, Monday, I headed to airport to meet Zul, Jervis and Mr Tan (My Chemistry Teacher) for consultation. Don't be an idiot and ask me what consultation I was having....

Actually for me, nothing much to ask to some extent la. Lol I sound like I am answering an essay. Partly because I might have cleared most of my doubts with my tuition teacher, who is real solid power good those kind.
Hey, people graduate from ANDERSON JUNIOR COLLEGE leh, don't play play.

After the consultation, we headed to T3, with the intention to buy some snacks before heading home. Then we came across the slide!!! Wooohooo! So, we childishly and thick-skinned-ly went to play it! HAHA! Nobody say 17 years old cannot play ma *not shy at all*

Picture 237
Ooooo....Awwww....The slideeeeeeee................ This is the shorter version
The longer one need spend $30 at least.... We are aiming for that!

Picture 238
Zul totally busted the small short dude here!

Picture 239
That's like Jervis and Zul. We all love taking photos!

Picture 240
That's obviously Jervis and I :] My pink checkered belt is from X-Craft!
A birthday gift from my dad (Koh Ming Fong!)

Picture 241
I've no idea what is Zul doing here. But he commented after looking at this photo
"Wa lao, I look gay la!" Haha, damn funny!

Anyway, a lot of people have been saying that I look very tanned. But hell no! I wanna get tanner. Those very sporty kind of tanned! Happy to know that my Orientation Group is going to Sentosa for an outing after examinations! Most probably next Friday! Woohooo!!!!

Well, I shall end this post abruptly with a photo of my chionging studies until wanna die kinda look! Lol, good luck to everyone for the upcoming examinations as well! HUAT AR!

Picture 226


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