Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toy Story 3!

Ever imagined your room is filled with toys that can move about and communicate amongst themselves, bringing life to the room? Well, nothing it impossible with the upcoming new movie "TOY STORY 3"!

Guess lots of you have already watched "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2"! If you've not, you just lost the chance to get awed! But no worries because "Toy Story 3" is here to make up your losses as you can now experience it in 3D!

Toy sTORY 3

Yesh! They are indeed back for more actions now, with a whole new bunch of toys!

No doubt, there are lots of them but, which one really catches your heart? Which one catches your attention the most? Which one will you want to bring it home straight away?!

To me, the definite answer will be: ALIEN aka SQUEEZE TOY ALIENS!!!!!

Just look at them!!! So freaking cute la! Who can resist them?! *wanna squeeze them!*

A short background information about ALIEN!
They can actually be called as "Little Green Men" or "L.G.M." for short.

In the original film, these identical toys are prizes in a game of skill at the
Pizza Planet restaurant. However in "Toy Story", three of these toys are found in a Pizza Planet truck that the toys hijack to chase Al to the airport. During the pursuit, they almost get blown out of the open window, but are rescued by Mr. Potato Head and become attached to him. Their unison catch phase is "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful." After the toys return to Andy's room, Mrs. Potato Head, hearing that her husband has saved the aliens, chooses to adopt them, much to his dismay and they are also one of Andy's new toys.

On top of that, ALIEN appeared in many series of story such as "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins" and "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"! In this series they are an actual alien race and are employed by Star Command as scientists and inventors.
No doubt, they are absolutely cute as well!

Credits: Wikipedia

Are you urging to watch the movie now?! NO worries! I will show you the trailer below:

There is this part which I like the MOST!

Do you all know who is Ken in the video? He is a smooth-talking doll who falls in love with Barbie and the secondary antagonist of the third film. He wears light blue shorts and a leopard-print shirt with short sleeves. Still don't get it? Well, he looks like this:


In the trailer, there is this part where all the toys had this "meeting" (I guess) together.
He was being "accused" of being a girl's toy. But isn't he one in the first place? LOL.
Then he went: "I'M NOT A GIRL'S TOY! I'M NOT!"

It is damn funny la! Is like he's contradicting himselves! Afterall, he is still a Barbie's collection toy eh? Maybe he does not even know about it! Haha and his expression is damn funny!


Even the trailer alone is already so exciting?! What else can we expect when we are watching the actual movie, in 3D some more?! BLAST OUR MINDS OFF MAN! Do remember to catch it everyone!

That's all folks!
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