Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trip To Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin (PU), a place which most of us are familiar with. If you are not, you seriously just missed a chance to having a great experience. To me, PU is a kampong area, an area which can no longer be found on Singapore's mainland.

They totally preserved the kampong atmosphere, allowing the adults to recall how they used to lived in olden Singapore.

For teenagers and youngsters like us, all I can say is, I find that place as an interest. Not being able to experience such lifestyle in Singapore, I can do so on PU.

So, last Saturday, my Project Work group mates, Thu Ha (a Vietnamese) and Wei Ke, travelled to PU to conduct a survey for our project. Thu Ha has never been to PU and at the end of the day, all she said was she was impressed by the place.

Here marks the start of our journey!

Picture 153
On a sampan boat from Changi Boat Jetty to Pulau Ubin!

Picture 155
The sea view is always that calming and relaxing... Not forgetting it is mesmerizing....

Once we landed on the island, we headed for some lunch at a seafood restaurant there! Did not eat seafood, instead we ate zi char. DAMN NICE! Got those smell of the wok... Very hard to find *drooling*

Picture 158

Picture 157
That's Thu Ha, being all excited for being on Pulau Ubin for the very FIRST time!

Picture 161
Yummy wok-flavoured Mee Goreng~

Picture 162
Act as though she posing for Magazine Photoshoot XD

Saw the coconut above? There is a very funny incident and this is how it goes....

Auntie: What drinks you all want?
Thu Ha: I want one coconut! Very hot eh!

*Drinks came and we paid for our own itmes*

Thu Ha: How much is the coconut auntie?
Auntie: $2.50

*Wei Ke and I looked at each other and laughed!*
Damn hilarious la! I though like coconut prices also around $2.50 ma. Don't know why she so big reaction. LOL! And of course, while having fun and joke, I will never forget to snap some photos!

Picture 160

Picture 159
This is my favourite picture for the whole album!
I PhotoShoped the vintage feeling to it! Damn compatible to the photo taken la!

After lunch, we rent our bikes. Cannot afford to walk, will die, given the limited time we have and the amount of work o be done. Headed straight for the "Secret Garden" of Pulau Ubin!

Picture 168
There she is again, with her TWEEEEEEEST pose. Never sick of it?
Oh ya! That's Wei Ke in the background! Tio photobombed eh!

Picture 165
No wonder it is a Secret Gardbe. Nobody really knows what's below all those signs....

Picture 166

Let the pictures take over and do the talking then!

Picture 171

Picture 172
Told you! You will see lots of Thu Ha's TWEEEESTS....

Picture 176
Map reading? Let the Ex-NCC boy do it man!

Picture 178
That's a rotten pineapple? I guess....

Picture 180
Leaving a landmark behind... BUt think it is washed away by high tide now eh?

Picture 183
We lay beside the small small beach to take a break~

Picture 184
How can girls never get sick of doing the same action repeatedly?! LOL!

Picture 185
Thanks for taking this cui photo of me........ Hair cui, looks cui, everything also cui!

Picture 187
Thu Ha keep pleading me not to post her no so glam photos. But I thought it will be fun :p

Then we headed off to this very very talk tower, which was a feast to our eyes when we were at the top! We can see the green scenery and the beautiful blue sea~

Picture 191
This looks like those fairyland which all girls wanna live in....

Picture 190
Looks like lots of guys are having their fun here too eh?

Picture 192
Is it suppose to be Taeyeon? Maybe, I believe it to be so! But it's 2PM.

Picture 193
Not forgetting to camwhore! But, why must she photo-bombed me with her TWEESTS?!

Picture 197
Do I look tanned here? I wish to get TANNER! GO SENTOSA LEH!!!

Moving on to our next destination! Is a bridge along the sea! Get to see Jellyfishes also!

Picture 198
There is a story of these 2 islands. About an elephant and something... LOL!

Picture 202
Thu Ha attempting to act modellish.... Not bad la....If we minus all the negative parts XD

Picture 205
Me, Thu Ha and Wei Ke! Stop correcting my English, I am just following the order!

Picture 207
This picture does have the Modelling feel, don't you agree?!

Moving on to our last few stops: Past by this nice landform scenery --> Ice Kachang --> last scenery (which Thu Ha wants to see for the whole day!) --> Boat home <3>

Picture 209

Picture 210

Picture 212
This is a manual ice-cutter machine, use to cut those big blocks of ice into like Ice Kachang!

Picture 213
Looks not bad and it tastes near to 100% as those in Singapore!

Picture 214
She took my camera and camwhored! Is she chewing on to something in her mouth?

Picture 216

Picture 218
Looks kinda dreamy and very fantasy hor? Awwww.....

Picture 220
We climbed over the barricade though we were warned not to do so... Lol!

Picture 222
This was our boat trip home, with Pulau Ubin as the background

All I can was, though we had lots of fun as you can see from above, we were rather productive. Or I should say, VERY. We managed to interact with those old peeps there. They were uber friendly! Too bad we did not manage to snap photos with them. But they will be stored within our memories... Their friendliness...


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