Thursday, July 29, 2010

Change Over The Years

If there is something that will change drastically, I think it will be appearance.

People do change, I mean who don't? Used to read on this newspaper article which mentioned about this girl who used to be real quiet girl, yet now, she's a porn star! She actually can f**k like 50+ peeps in a day! This happened back in 2005. So, people do change.

Ok, back to the topic. I'm definitely not excluded in this whole changing appearance "project". But personally, I do not feel that I changed drastically. Like I still got the toot face. In fact, guess it's only my voice and hair that changed. The rest remained the same. Good or bad?

Well, so just take little small journey of my life ba :]
Old Photo
This was taken in 1999 when I was K2. Performance at Indoor Stadium.

Picture 282
Spot for me! My class photo back then in 1998. HAHA!

Picture 283
Graduation photo!!!!! Also taken in 1999 :D So cool eh?!

Picture 286
Taken in 2000, in Hong Kong!!!! My favourite pose that time :p I'm Primary 1!

Picture 287
I think this was taken when I was around Primary 3 or 4! HAHA. So toot hor?

Picture 280
I keep telling my friends I look like a prisoner on my EZ-Link card! Look like right?

Picture 281
How can we miss out on I/C photo?! In here, people say I look like those rapist criminal -.-

So, you all can actually see the change already right? Lots of people say, I look like I changed, but the appearance is the same! HAHA. Funny. Means I still look like a KIDDO!!!!

Ready to see the me NAO?! LOL. Just don't get too shocked over how ugly I look like :P

Picture 247

Twitter DP 2

All these are taken in 2010!

Well, that's all now! Thanks folks! Hope I can change further, for the better duh! HAHA!

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