Thursday, July 15, 2010


Picture 299

Right after our very last paper for some of us, which is Physics paper last Friday, we head down to Sentosa for our OG outing! As usual, the usual few of us turned up only la.. Next time die die must drag ALL of them down man!

Aiya, the weather that day also not very very de good sia. But got RAINBOW :]

Picture 242

Luckily managed to get to VIVO CITY, though I was drenched by then. Anyway, that was the very first time I wore a singlet out of house! Amazing and shocking ya?

Picture 247
Doesn't this picture look as though we are back to kampong life? Love vintage look pictures!

Copy of Picture 245
Angels playing in the rain? Haha. (From left to right) Javier, Bryan, Daniel & Aaron!

Copy of Picture 259

Picture 294

Picture 250

Picture 251

Picture 252
Snowman joins in! Or rather, its SANDMAN!

Picture 248
Beautiful girl here! Our savior and slayer of MONSTER VISH!

Picture 253
Presenting: MONSTER VISH! At least I make him look chio by adding stars lo! HAHA!

Picture 255
Aaron on the left, dancing and trying to balance on one leg? MUAHAHA!

Picture 256

Picture 259

Picture 260
Sweet loving couple~ *Muack muack!* Gabriel at the front with Johnathan? LOL!

Picture 261
Monster VISH wants a hug too. HAHA. The color of this photo looks like this naturally....

Picture 262
Throwing Lloyd into the water. Tsktsk, heng I never tio. HAHA.

Picture 263

Picture 264

Picture 265
Love this photo of ANNA NEU MAMA! She's practically treat us like her children! MAMA!

Picture 266
Lloyd vomiting? Is he pregnant? Hmmm...

Picture 267

Picture 268

Picture 269

Picture 270

Picture 271
VISH try to poke the seashell into Sandman's head to give it a nose, but obviously FAIL!

Picture 274

Picture 278

Picture 279

Picture 283
I guess that is another sweet moment? Gab getting hugged and carried by everyone. HAHA!

Picture 284

Picture 285
Vish looking so happy as though they just got married and ready for consummation. HAHA.

Picture 287

Picture 289

Picture 290

Picture 293
That's me looking very retarded. Yesh, I know.

Picture 294

Picture 304
Trust me, thie photo is damn epic. I was blinded by the sun and I nearly sneezed.
Then *ka-cha!* Photo taken. And here it is, the damn epic picture!

Picture 305
Lips are to be sealed tightly in this photo!

Picture 307
With Sister Gwendy and I look damn cui can? Difference between played(Me) and never.

Went on to VIVO CITY for dinner and all. Still rememebr how Gwendy jokingly tell me she lure us to eat 家香面! HAHA. But we really went there to eat in the end! DAMN NICE! YUM!

Off to the arcade to play like crazy young little kiddos!

Picture 309

Picture 310

Picture 311

Picture 312

Picture 313

Picture 314

Picture 315

Picture 319

Picture 320

Getting bored? So, we moved on to POOL! WOOOHOO! Lots of pros there lo!

Picture 321

Picture 323

Picture 328

Picture 329

After pooling, we went to take neo-prints! Like so old school right?! HAHA. But, it was damn funny la. Like so many of us, trying to squeeze into that tiny winy space. LOL.
Headed home after all that fun.

Well, I'm gonna make a serious announcement (used to do this before): After that day of Sentosa Outing, I've decided not be bothered with them anymore. No longer wanna be friends with them. Because I realise, friends should always be on standby to comfort others etc. But, they fail to do so. Thus, I will no longer be friends with them anymore!


BenVoda Love HisOGFamily

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