Friday, August 27, 2010

Dead Blog

Been neglecting my Blog for like 2 weeks or so already! Tsktsk. BAD BAD!

So here is gonna be a short update of what's been going on, while I work on my Blog Posts and try to settle down from all the activities.

- Got my YOG Mascot Edition Prepaid Card
- Watched YOG Female Soccer (RANKING AND FINALS) with Buddies
- Teacher's Day Celebration Preparation and Celebration
- End of YOG

Yesterday, 26th August 2010, it marks the end of YOG 2010 SINGAPORE. No idea why, but I feel rather empty within me. Iactually emo-ed and had sleepless nights just because I'm sad that YOG has ended.... Why?

As my friend quotes "Be sad that it's over, but also be happy that it once happened".


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