Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Inaugural Youth Olympic Games- SOCCER (Females)!

Hi guys! Last Tuesday, I went to watch the Female Soccer YOG Match with 2 of my buddies, Hoi Bing (aka @lai_almighty on Twitter) and my Secondary Schoolmate since Secondary 1 till now, Jordan aka Potato Man!

Well, it was a rather ast minute decision because we only booked the tickets on Sunday. Thought that, we all might wanna be part of YOG, as spectators, before the whole thing ends just like that. And, we did fulfilled our wish, so we went for the match :]

Picture 336
Here's the wonderful PACKAGE of the tickets and a DBS Visa Prepaid Card!!!
The whole thing looks very professional! WELL DONE SINGAPORE!

Picture 337
The piece of history which everyone wants to lay their hands on! Will be doing a post on this!

Picture 335

And the match starts to heat up!

Picture 326

Picture 327
YOG is definitely not limited to the young only! Everyone is involved! LOVE THIS SCENE!

Picture 328
Players are all warming up, hoping to clinch the Gold Medal for their country!

Picture 329
Very engrossed hor? In unifrom is Hoi Bing and in PE shirt is Jordan!

Picture 330
Hmmm...Is this a good example? But, it's the fun that everyone is involved! HAHA!

Picture 331
And here we have Chile Vs. Equatorial Guinea!

Picture 332
Final results: 1st- Chile, 2nd- Equatorial Guinea and 3rd- Turkey!!!!!

I must truly admit that the game was fantastic! Afterall, all the players were girl! I admit that I can never play as good or even one-tenth as good as them! Ashamed and loser I might be.

All 3 of us were glad that we can be part of YOG before it totally ends. I am actually very sad and emo that YOG is like over now. But what I'm happy is that, it used to be part of Singapore and we are the first country to host the games!

As quoted by one of my friend "Be sad that it's over but be happy that it once happened."

How true. It touches my heart. I can proudly tell my grandchildren in future "Ah gong used to be part of YOG and I actually attended and watched one of the games as well! Let me show you 2 pieces of the history that I have!"

Thanks a lot YOG! Good work to all athletes! WELL DONE SINGAPORE!

Looking forward to Youth Olympic Games 2014 Nanjing!

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