Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesh! Yours truly here was invited to *drumrolls*:


No, you're not seeing things, I am indeed invited to SINGFEST 2010! It was suppose to be just a movie date out with Siddy aka @SidneyReuben on Twitter. Unexpectedly, I managed to get my hands on 2 SINGFEST 2010 tickets! All thanks to Yutakis and HTC!

Mad excited about it like duh? After all, this is only my SECOND time going for concert (nd such a big one), after my very first, which was JJ Lin's. Anyway, obviously I invited Siddy to accompany me, since we are already meeting up, so why not? HAHA. I need to bring another blogger with me as well, so he's the perfect choice!

Weather was a killer. So, HTC was being considerate and we were given fans!!! YIPEEEEE!!!!

If there is no crowd, it will not be known as SINGFEST anymore! Just look at the queue and the number of people that was trying to squeeze their way in! Guess that's part of the fun!

But once you get in, it's heaven waiting for you! So, just squeeze la!

But nah, we did not follow the crowd! Spoiler and party pooper eh? HAHA! Call that smart!

Me! With Phone!
Well, I'm using my phone while waiting for the queue to get shorter! Clever or not? LOL!!!!

And once we enter....

It's all fun, excitement......IT'S HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wanna see the crowd that's not so full force yet intimidating?
Got an heart attack? Nah, wait till you hear them scream and go crazy!

Take a seat and just relax~ That's what it is all about :] So, that's exactly what I did!



So, Siddy and I found a nice spot where we can get a nice view of the whole stage and enjoy our night there! HAHA. Like duh, if don't get good spot to enjoy, what's the point of going?

Sidney and I

Started our night at SINGFEST 2010 with some hardcore rock music! Brought to you by:


Followed by an extraordinary performance from Ian Brown! He has an unique way of singing his songs, and I guess lots of peeps like it, since many of them actually dash towards the stage upon hearing his name!

Ian Brown
Oh ya! Did I forget to mention that Siddy and I actually manage to get the opportunity to Meet & Greet "The Vines"?! It is like a total honor to be able to meet them! It is even more shocking to know that we're given the chance to ask them questions and even take a group photo with them! WOW!

Hmmm...I look weird taking a photo with my bag on! Ooops, my point is, you all should've been there to experience and see how well and FANTASTIC they actually sang!

They themselves are the pieces of artwork! GO FOR IT "THE VINES"!

Of course! There were actually more performance other than these! But, I do not want to post up ugly and blur photos of those artistes! It is like so not fair to them thus I'm only gonna name them :]

Some other bands that performed were:
- The Great Spy Experiment, Singapore's very own local band
- Smashing Pumpkin
- 30 Seconds to Mars! (I cannot believed I did not manage to snap any nice photos of them!!!)

Well, if not for HTC, we will definitely not get a chance to experience such wonderful and smashing experience! Therefore, I will like to express my utmost gratitude to HTC as well as Yutakis for inviting us to SINGFEST 2010! THANK YOU!


Wait wait wait! I'm not gonna end it all here!

I will like to make use of this opportunity to share with you guys that HTC is also putting effort to help the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD).

Therefore, they are putting up 3 very unique phones for auction? Are you hearts ready for it?!
HTC is putting up authographed HTC Wildfire by Katy Perry, Kanye West and Tokio Hotel for auction, and all proceeds from the auction will go to the Society for the Physically Disabled.

Just think of this: Not only are you able to get your hands on one of these limited edition HTC Wildfire, you are also able to help those who are physically disabled. Isn't it killing two birds with one stone?

Do check out the image below for more details!

HTCsingfest Auction EDM v4

You guys got until this coming Friday, 13th August 2010 at 11.59pm. So if you want to be one of the few to own one of the three limited edition HTC Wildfire, send in your bids with the autographed phone of your to

"Enjoy your privilege and help others!"


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