Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey there girls! Good stuff here for you all! BlissBlush has released their 4th Collection!

BlissBlush Banner

BLISSBLUSH is an awesome BlogShop just for you girls out there, who want to look fashionable yet you will not burn a hole in your wallet!

Well, let me show you some of the hot-chick looking apparels they have:

Polka Dot Romper
Blue Ruffles Romper
Blue Ruffles Romper
Green Floral Romper
To those who love floral design: Green Floral Romper
Grey Romper

Yellow Tier Maxi Dress
Yellow Tier Maxi Dress
Black Tier Maxi Dress
Black Tier Maxi Dress
Basic Grey Maxi
Basic Grey Maxi
Basic Blue Maxi
It comes in blue as well!


R&G Zipper Dress
Zipper Dresses for you all as well!!!! Lucky girls!

R&G Zipper Dress Back View

Red Rosey Dress

Red Rosey Dress Collage
Red Rosy Dress

Little Black Dress

Red Shirt Dress

Blue SHirt Dress
Red and Blue shirt dresses anyone? So kawaii!!!!!!!!

White Toga Dress

Black Toga Dress
The elegant looking Toga Dress that suits any formal occasions! Comes in White & Black!


Black Ribbon Top

White Ribbon Top
Wanna look Korean? Get one of these Ribbon Top!

Do check out more of their apparels! Bet you all will salivate over it!
Good stuffs are never enough, especially dresses and tops! Buy more to get a wider variety, so that you will never face any problems in deciding what to wear for each events!

Are your fingers ready to mass click on your mouse to purchase the goods?!

Do not do so yet! WHY?! Because there are more offers!!!! Take a look!


Yes, your eyes are not playing a trick on you! It is indeed BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!!

This is entitled to ALL THE SALES ITEMS! Not only those that you see above, but everything in BlissBlush! Simply go to the SALES section and check it out now!

Anymore reasons for you all to hold back now?! OF COURSE THERE IS!
To all BenVoda's readers (That's me!), you all are also entitled to:

You all ar entitled to 5% discount if you
buy 2 or more items!

So, head down now to BLISSBLUSH right here NOW!

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