Friday, September 17, 2010

Awesome New Friends!

I do bet that all of you out there has friends! If you don't, there must be something very wrong about you! Go check out yourself in the mirror then :D I'm so nice to give advice to you, haha!

Anyway, friends are necessities in our daily lives. Come on, just think that you go to school, with no friends, only the teacher and you. Or always doing something on your own. Eeeee, just thinking of it only, also can make me faint la! Who can tahan this kinda life?! Tsktsk. Must be damn weirdo if you can la.

When I mention NO FRIENDS, I really mean totally don't have. Not like occasionally you go shopping or do something on your own. Of course, this one I also can la! Aiyo.

To me, I do love my friends sincerely. Whenever I talk about friends, I actually like to emphasize lots on trust and also sincerity. This is like the most basic foundation of having a friend. What is a friend, if they lack the above two?

I think my friends all know that I really take trust as a very serious issue in a friendship. I will not say that I'm always honest with my friends (in the past). But we all do learn from mistakes and I really think we do, after experiencing all the different types of conflicts and arguments. More or less, we do learn.

Imagine you are facing and living in a world of deceptions. You friends lying to you all the time. The hurt, sadness and ordeal that you have to go through is simply unbearable. A small lie may seem harmless at times but it's not always so or I should say, it's up to each individual. After days, weeks, months or years of accumulation of the hurt that one suffers everyday, just because of that tiny weeny "harmless-looking" small lie, people can actually sink down into deep depression or even mental problems. This is like no joking matter.

So, I do face off with friends who practically lie to me, right in the face. I usually do not tell my friends off in the face or anything but rather, I will like give them chance? Without them knowing that is. Sometimes they think I have no idea what's going on, but I do. I'm not blind or anything for goodness sake.

But once things gets out of hand, I will no longer tolerate it. We have to be true in both out attitude and feelings no? I think the only way to make a friendship really work out, or even last long, we have to voice out our REAL thoughts and feelings. Only will then, will the other party know what' going on.

Actually, what I really wanna talk about here today, is to introduce you all to a bunch of new friends that I've recently made! So yes, the above are just like some of my rants? Haha. BUT, if you're guilty of anything I wrote above, it's time for you to reflect how you've been treating you friends :D

So, this group of friends that I recently made are AWESOME peeps and the best is that, I like their attitude towards their friends! Is like, they really express their true feelings out to one another. Be it jokingly etc. At least this is what I feel =D They are like real brothers!

This is really hard. How many can actually reach this stage? Hardly.

So, we shall see who they are then!

This is the ever humorous and cute KC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noel and Larent
On the left: The suave and friendly NOEL! He's also a
小名星! Go visit his blog HERE now!
On the right: He's very funny and he likes to show us his collection of MV in his iPhone! Cute!

Handsome hor?! This is MON! I can already imagine all you guys and girls
out there salivating right in front of your computer already la! LOL!

TADA! Another shuai ge! This is Noel!!!!!! You'll never be bored with him around :D

And, I shall end abruptly here with a photo of Noel and I! Mad love this photo!

Noel and I
Actually, I think I look DAMN FAT in this picture la!!!!!



  1. OMG. I'm jealous. How come I don't get random phones mailed to me too ?

    Is there a subscription ????


    Nice blog you have here (:

  2. @Everscar Hi there!

    Don't be jealous. I bet you'll get your chance soon! Mine is without subscription actually. Previously, I was invited to SINGFEST, sponsored by HTC, by a company, after which the company contacted me and told me that HTC will like me to do a review on it :D So that's how I got it.

    Thanks that you love my blog! Do read it more often and ask your friends to read it too :p HAHA!

    See you around!

  3. Wah...Friends Forever!!
    You ,Kc,Noel,Mon..Handsome lah!!

  4. HAHA! Are you saying we all handsome? LOL.
    If you are thanks!

    If you refer to Mon, KC and Noel only, I actually agree!!!

    Hee hee!

  5. How i wish i have got blogger friends like that haha :D