Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Burn My Fingers with HTC WILDFIRE!


One fine day, I received this package......

HTC Banner

......and IT'S BURNING HOT *OUCH!*

So, I took the risk and reach out for it! And I pulled out this:

Picture 423
ER..............SI MI LAI EH?! And, next thing I know, it opened up by itself and revealed......

Picture 425

Shocking right?! Anyway, I got to thanks HTC for loaning me their
HTC WILDFIRE and The Right Spin for me to do a review on!

Picture 438
New surprise screen awaits and blinked at me when I on the phone!

Next, I'm gonna show you how pro this WILDFIRE is! It is not called WILD for nothing!


For Twitterholics like ME personally, this is just exactly what I need! A pre-installed programme waiting for me to use it, right after I switch it on! *GO CRAZY!*

Let me just show you how chio it actually looks like! HAHA!

Picture 435

Picture 434

Picture 426

Well, you think this is chio?! Wait till you see some comparison being done!
Let's invite the cousin of the HTC WILDFIRE, HTC TATTOO out and place them side by side.

Picture 431

Well, when they meet up there are bound to be some conversation going on......

Picture 432

Comparison will also kinda take place.....hmmm.....

Picture 433
The amazing thing about the WILDFIRE is that, it has a button that is also a TRACK-PAD!

Picture 436
The old boring cousin only has the button function.....

The humdrum reality is that 'tis just an Android 2.1 replacement for the entry-level Tattoo -- same 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor, 3.2-inch 320 x 240 capacitive LCD touchscreen instead of 2.8-inch resistive, 384MB RAM instead of 256MB, and a 5-megapixel camera instead of 3.2 (although quality matters more, obviously).

After joking around with the cousin (and owning it upside down, left and right), it turned its target towards my iPhone!!!

Picture 422
In terms of size and slickness, WILDFIRE already win hands down!

Picture 428
Started off by showing off that it is able to multi-task and show
different pages at ONE time! Sadly iPhone can hardly do it!

Camera Function
Then, they compete on who takes better photo. Well, just look at the one taken
with HTC WILDFIRE! So clear and the lighting is just right! WIN HANDS DOWN AGAIN!
Who can resist such good quality photos with a 5-Megapixels camera eh?!

Picture 430
*Winks* with it's powerful camera flash, which can act as a torchlight as well!

Picture 437
The Almighty HTC WILDFIRE ready to conquer your hearts and soul now!

Not forgetting that the HTC WILDFIE does come in 4 different colors as well: Black, White, Red and Silver! So what are you all waiting for?! There is always one for everyone!


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