Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

Movie Review

Ever think of any foolish guy who is rather eccentric and weird coming into your life? And not only that, he changes your life, for the better.

Well, if you think it's silly, go watch this show:


The guy on the left is starring Steve Carell as Barry Speck
To the right, we have Paul Raud as Tim Conrad

Basically, the whole storyline is about Tim,
a mid-level financial executive, who is trying to climb his way up the ladder in the office, so as to give his girlfriend, Julie, a nice life.
Alas, one day he was somehow and someway "recognised" by his superior, and he was invited to a "Dinner for Winners" in which
he must find and bring an eccentric person with a special talent; the winner earns a trophy and the executive that brought him or her gets glory. However, in actual fact, this dinner is actually a "Dinner for Idiots" and the guests will be mocked mercilessly.

But, true meaning of a good friend dawned on Tim, when he realised the sad story behind Barry's life.... He knew that Barry was someone, the one person in his life, that made a great difference.

There is this one quote which I liked it alot:

"Everything happen for a reason"

Inspiring? It is in fact. I actually did a lot of thinking, immediately right after this quote was being said out. Well, all I can say is that the movie really keeps people thinking a lot.

Not convinced? Take a look at the trailer then! It's nice to watch as it is a comedy amongst all the emotional parts of the show. This is what I call a real movie production. Keeps people going on an emotional ride and all.

Nice? I can assure you, it's definitely a nice movie to watch and worth the price!

RATINGS: 4.5/5


  1. Seems like another Steve Carell movie that I should not miss.

    Anyway, have u watched Charlie St. Cloud? Tell me wat u think?!


  2. Yes! You should not miss this movie at all!!!
    I've yet to watch Charlie St. Cloud, however there are reviews being done on it too :D

    Go visit

    He did a review on that movie :]

  3. Ah ok! Yeap, read it.

    And anyway, I also wrote a review about the film too. See if you agree or disagree with it.