Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teaching Abacus

I've been learning Abacus since I was like K1, and I learn till I was Sec 4, that's 17 years old.

Personally, I really love ABACUS TO THE MAX! Confirm got meanies out there will ask me stupid questions like "Who will still learn abacus today?!" or "Got used meh? You siao ar!"
I think you all then siao lo! You all never earn money then spend it on cigarettes and alcohols,

Okay, what I wanna share with you all today is that, I actually took up a job offer to teach Abacus at CRESTAR (where I learnt my ultimate skills from)! Of course I will say YES la!

If you ask me to teach those very academic based kinda theory, just kill me. But if it's Abacus, anytime and anywhere man! I'm seriously in love with it! It can be my LAO PO / LAO GONG already lo!!!

Well, so below are few pictures of my students and I! They are only like Nursery to P1!!!

Picture 387

Picture 386
Anyway, see that two girls sitting on my lap? They were kissing me
continuously before taking this picture! LOL!

Picture 384
The boy in green and sitting on my lap is my FAVORITE student and he learns fast!!!!!

Of course, teaching is fun and all. And I did went to do some cheap shopping to buy them some gifts before we end the whole of the 4 days workshop!

Picture 383
Magnets for the students. However, there is one special one for the one with the highes score at the end of the 4 days!

Picture 380

Picture 381
It's cheap, but it's the thought that counts and the boy loves it!

Also, I did not forget about the girl at the counter! She's very nice to me! So I decided to give her something better! Thanks for taking care of me! See?! I so nice hor?!

Picture 378
Bought something at HELEN for her! Just a normal bracelet :D

Picture 379

Well, this ends my 4 days work in CRESTAR! I am very happy. Seeing those kids learning Abacus with a smile on their face simply makes my day! Like people always say, kids are the most innocent living beings. They show their emotions easily and never fake it! Thus, I know that they are genuinely happy attending my lessons!


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