Wednesday, September 1, 2010


That's right! Your eyes are not playing a trick on you, the YOG Team from Poland did visit our school last Wednesday, 25th August 2010. It was a BLAST man! It was indeed a once in a lifetime's experience for all of us! Being able to interact with all the outstanding Youth Athletes.

So, this shall be more of a PhotoPost since a picture speaks a thousand words and I can never be able to write that much words :p So sit back and enjoy :]

Picture 338
Here is We, Student Council with 2 of the athletes! Spot one of them with a Bronze Medal!

Picture 339
Such a candid shot! Spot me! If cannot, something must be very wrong :p

Picture 340
Group photo with that Short Put Gold Medalist!

Picture 341
Guys with that Hot Babe!!!>
Picture 342
And the girls want a share too!!!>

Picture 343
Forgotten what sports she was in but, she's an amazing Bronze Medalist!

Picture 344
I find this babe the chioest of them all!!!!!!!! Agree?! She so chio la!

Picture 345
So, Ben and I went to take a photo with her ALONE! HAHA! So cute right she?!

Picture 346
He's like the coolest guy lo. Very friendly and show no airs at all!

Picture 347
Is that why he's the Gold Medalist? HAHA.

Picture 349
One of their trainers acting as though he's teaching a class! Very funny!

Picture 348

Personally, I actually think that being able to interact with the athletes is a very good experience. We do not get this chance every time! It is already rare for us to interact with the athletes in Singapore, yet now we're given the chance to bond with the YOG Team from Poland!

Although there is this language barrier between us, I think we all still get along pretty well. After all, we're YOUTHS! We do know what we're thinking of and trying o drive at :]

I'm also pretty amazed by their friendliness. Not that I got the impression that they are fierce etc. But rather, even though some of them are gold medalist or bronze medalist, they do not show any airs at all! I think that this is very rare, for some of the people ight be very cocky after achieving some success.


Well, now that YOG 2010 is already over, I'm still happy that it serves as a memory for all!

Below are just some random photos of us, THE 25TH STUDENT COUNCIL!

Picture 350

Picture 357
The sexy lips babe: Jamie Koh!

Picture 362
Jamie and Brother KAR YIN!

Picture 363
Me and my hubby, JAMIE KOH! LOL!!!!!!

Picture 375
Hubby Jamie Koh with BIG NOSTRILS!!!!!!

Picture 378
Erm...did GAGA made it to Singapore with her siblings?

Picture 404
Another good and crazy shot with HUBBY! LOL :D

Picture 411
Don't jealous! I got this hat from the POLAND YOG TEAM!

Picture 412
This is my bitching partner: EMILY JOOSTEN!

Picture 413

Picture 414
The babes: Emily, Jamie Hubby and Grace!!!!

Picture 418

Alright everyone! I'm gonna end this with a very PRICELESS photo of LADY GAGA!

Picture 420
GAGA with headband, and in G-String? Creative! HAHA!

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