Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Conflict Of Ideas...

is what I am currently facing with my Project Work group mate. Note, is mate and not mates.

There are bound to conflicts among group members whenever we are doing group. I seriously believe that everyone are bound to face some problems one lor. Where got so perfect until no flaws at all right?! When I mention group work, I seriously mean those long terms one, which kinda affect your grades and all? And not those like 5 minutes group work kinda thing.

There are many type of conflicts that can actually exist within a group. Let simply list some:-
1) The group mates bu shuang (unhappy) with one another
2) Clashes of their ideas
3) Having lazy group mates who simply don't do anything
4) Bossy group leaders

And the list goes on and on. The above are like the most common ones.

If you were to ask me which type of conflict is like the most jia lat (serious) one, I most probably tell you that, no conflict on its own is actually serious. It is the one who is creating the differences that actually makes things far off worst. Which means the group members.

There is definitely a root to all problems and we, ourselves are the creator of these problems. So when faced with such issues within groups, all we have to do, is to go against out all out to the source of the trouble which we are facing. That's what it is all about!

So I'm gonna cut short with all the "introductions" of Conflicts, and simply go straight into the case and disastrous situation I am in now. The main point of my whole trouble with ONE of my group mate is that: I SIMPLY CANNOT GET THINGS THROUGH HER MIND!

I mean communication is damn important especially when it comes to group work! Well, I got to admit that communication was a problem, initially, for us. Why? She's not a local. Not gonna be so direct and say who and which nationality because it does not matter at all. It's just her.

Short description of this person: Bossy, not clear in her speech, unreasonable, dominant, irritating, bitchy and many more~

Used to be our group leader but we changed to a nicer and friendlier one when I strongly oppose and was very unhappy with the decision. HAHA, evil me but who cares? I mean, I will definitely not let my grades be at stake just because of an incompetent leader.

Well, I may sound damn evil here but I cannot deny that she DID help us with one part of the project before. But hello, we also contributed and that time, you simply just collate everything and all. I was grateful and all, until recently you simply turn me off and act as just pure irritant to me!

Let's take some examples:-
1) We were required to do some part of the Written Report each, individually. And what's more, those are just simply our very own ideas. All that we needa do is to elaborate on it, that's all. Of course, there is deadline for everything needless to say, a project work. I took the initiative to help everyone collate everything for the group so that it's easier and not that messy. So, I also gave a deadline for everyone to send to me. Guess what? We missed the initial deadline because the Written Repot draft was simply not complete and edited to the one which the tutor requires us to do so. Why? Because there is this irresponsible person who totally DID NOT do her work (I assume) and send to me! Not the first time. Good job!

2) There are many times when poor Wei Ke and Hoi Bing has to help her tank HER WORK and PART of the project. Listen and look carefully, HER JOB! Both of them may not be complaining about it la, but I look already also buay song one right? I mean who will?! The grade is yours, yet we are the one to help you get your grades?! Gosh. Do your bloody own part and stop being a lazy pig can?!

3) Please do your part and stop interfering with other people's work! I appreciate the fact that you are trying to help us. But can you tell us what you are changing and all?! Afterall, it's people's work! Do you think it's very nice of you to change other people's work without their acknowledgment?! When the tutor came and asked me about the whole load of shit which I've not seen before, I was stunned! What on Earth did you fucking do to my work?! Siao zhar bor!

4) This one lagi BEST! You were sleeping for three-quarter of the PW lesson yesterday and we were all chioning our work, including yours! And what were you doing? Resting your head on the table and sleeping away, drifting to lala-land. I kept quiet about it. Then I admit I was watching ANTM simply because the work is very tiring and need rest one right?! Then you wake up, first thing what did you do?! You kao pei kao bu, ask me faster do work and complete the WHOLE FUCKING Written Report (Lesson from 8-11)! SIAO AR! You send me the file so late!!! Like one week late, how to finish everything?! KNNBCCB! But I was still tolerant and chose to remain quiet.


I seriously don't understand why such people can actually exist in this world? And hell thanks gawd I only need to face her till end of year!!! Phew~ Luckily for Oral Presentation at end of year, marks are calculated based on individual performance. I'm not trying to boast or say that I'm very good at presentation BUT, at least I control my very own marks and all.

Honestly, it has been a long time since I really target and rant at somebody on my blog already. But this time, it's simply too much. Initially, I was really gonna go and tell my tutor about every single thing she did. But, I don't know why but I always will Xing Tai Ruan (soft-hearted) after that!!! So.....I never tell the tutor in the end -.-

Last chance is all I can say. Now we have PW session for 3 hours everyday. Step on my tail or toes one more time, I'll make sure you pay for it. MWAHAHAHA.

P/s: Haha, I'm actually blogging in school on my lappie for the first time! HAHA!

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