Monday, October 11, 2010

Ice Cream Cafe!

Don't get it wrong, I'm gonna introduce you all to Ice Cream Cafe!

Picture 529
One thing I really like about it is that it's located at the void deck of HDB flats!
It's like totally convenient to those who wants to eat Nice ice-cream with nice environment!

Picture 478
Well, can you all guess the flavour of the ice-cream? It's kinda unexpected and hard actually
I shall just tell you, the bottom one is just normal D24 Durian,
the brown one is FERRERO ROCHER!!!!

Picture 482
Takbuelehtahan!!! So tempting when the whole cup sits in front of me!!!!!

Picture 483

Picture 486
Crazy Amelia Cousin. AND I'm definitely NOT feeding her. I swear I was not. LOL.

Picture 488
This environment is very cosy eh? They also provide free Wi-Fi services for the customers!

Picture 489
Ordered another ice-cream with hot waffle. Yumyum!

Picture 491

Picture 492

Picture 498

Picture 500

Picture 503

Picture 505

Picture 513
Can I have more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

Picture 516

Picture 518
HAHA! This photo looks as though I'm doing an advertisement for Adidas watch eh? LOL!

Picture 520
LOL. My friend said this looks like the male version of Dawn Yang! HAHA. Honoured.

Picture 522

Shall end this post with a photo which I think I look not bad leh (shameless!):

Picture 521
LOL! Mai hiam ya buay pai la! Don't set too high standards okay? I still boi boi :p HAHA!

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