Thursday, October 7, 2010


Look at what I got!!!!!!!!!

Picture 477

Actually, I am not a person that's very into F1 or even those automobiles kinda guy. I find it weird too at times. Well, I mean I do know of some of the models of cars etc but, I'm just don't go into too much detail. Get it? Haha.

Anyway, I got this for free, actually it was my mum who got it. So, she kinda asked me if I wanna go. I mean why not? Since it's free, and I get to go there and "Test" if I'm really not those kinda boys or guys who are into these things. Most importantly, it's the concert there that matters most to me. Needless, to say the experience and I can go around telling people "I went to watch F1 before sey!" LOL!

What else can I do with the entry card right? CAMWHORE LA! Haha!!!

Picture 475

Picture 473
I think I look not bad in this photo leh :p Shameless but mai hiam is buay pai one lo~ HAHA!

Before entering, we have to go and purchase this ear plugs. Afterall, F1 very loud and noisy one. I don't wanna go there for free and end up going hospital to cure my spoilt ear drums.

It looks very cute, the ear plugs!

Picture 439
It's only $2! And it's Red Cross who is selling it! Can help those people in need also!
Outside the venue, there are people who sell it at $5 la! Lucky I not kan jiong spider!

Picture 425

Picture 435

Picture 434
Okies! Just look at the crowd! And this is only one small portion lo!
Anyway, I'll just keep posting photos after this. So this post is a PhotoPost! HAHA!

Picture 432

Picture 431

Picture 438
Er, new model of F1? HAHA! I like it~

Picture 444

Picture 446

Picture 447

Picture 445

Picture 454
Ciaos to everyone! Never miss out my camwhore picture eh? HAHA!

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