Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kick the Differences Aside!

Differences, differences, differences....

This whole realistic world is full of differences. Even you and I are different in certain ways. In this mist of differences, there is an underlying uniqueness for everyone. Every single one of us holds certain significance in this world. It'll be damn sad, if you do not have a certain aim or significance for living in this world right?

There is many differences in this world, and even in such a small country like Singapore, there are differences that exists among the people.

I do not know if a person actually grows up to be more sensitive or so. Do you all actually get more sensitive and tends to get easily irritated when you hear things that you don't like? Okay, I shall rephrase on the latter part of my previous question. What I'm trying to say is that, there are things which you used to hate as well but, when you grow up, when people criticise about it, you get irritated.

Think only I understand what I've just wrote. Lol. Okay, I shall not beat around the bush.

What I really want to touch on today will be on the issue of the treatment which ITE students are currently receiving and how are they being treated by the society and public.

Be honest with your thought and just ask yourself, How have you all been treating students from ITE? What is the kind of attitude that you carry towards them? I can answer all of you frankly out there, without the fear of being slam down or shoot by others.

I admit that I used to categorise them as Hooligans, Gangsters etc as the list goes on, characterizing them in all sort of bad manners. BUT what's surprising is that in recent months or years, I changed my perspective. I swear I do. I don't say for the sake of saving my ass from a lawsuit or anything!

I wonder if it has anything to do with the group of friends whom I'm currently with that changed my perspective. But I just feel that ITE students have the rights to have our respect as well. And, not all University or Junior Colleges or Poly students are clever and always at the top. NO. A big fat NO.

Who to blame for instilling such stupid warp logic into teens like us? Our very own Parents.

Parents tend to go "You better don't get into ITE! Your ___(whichever relative) will be laughing at you for the rest of their lives!" or "You go ITE, then that's the end of your life!"

All these do sound familiar to all of us, don't deny the fact. But, I do find all these comments dumb and senseless to the max nowadays! Does going to any certain colleges make you any smarter or any dumber than the rest of the pack? IT DOESN'T!

Hey just look at him:

For all the cheh mehs out there: THIS IS BILL GATES!

Hey listen up! He's a freaking drop-out! Worst right?! He did not even finish his education! How is he right now?! He's much more successful that any of us right here!

I do not deny the fact that with a Uni certificate, it does kinda ensure us of having a higher chance of getting high salary job. But what are most of our local graduates doing? Think most of them are jobless for I know? AND while they are doing so, the rest that are lacking behind are actually working very hard!

So if Bill Gates, a drop out can actually strive hard and achieve his current status, why can't ITE students do the same? In a way or another, ITE students are somehow better than Bill Gates. At least they are studying in a college!

Then some kukus out here reading my post will be thinking "So? Study does not mean they will succeed right?! ITE students are still ultimate losers who only know how to go around intimidating others. Why? Because they are losers who feel inferior to us!"
If you actually think so, you can go such your mum's nehneh for milk and grow up man!

Take this:
Bread Talk
This is the shop which sells BREAD AND BAKERIES to most of the households in Singapore!

And hey dudes and babes!

George Quek
This is the founder of BreadTalk and know what? He graduated from ITE!

My purpose in pointing out this point is not to embarrass him or dig out all his history. My main aim is to tell you all that ITE graduates CAN succeed! He is a living example for all of us! Indeed, hard work does play a part as well. But you people out there, you meanies, are generalizing ITE students as "Dumb, stupid and hopeless". WTF are these about?!

Does getting into University, Junior College or Polytechnic ensures and gurantee you that you'll be successful? Does it represent that you'll be a a good person who can and will contribute to the society? Does it mean you're real clever?

Different people has advantage over different areas of expertise. Some perform better in practical exercises and others will have an edge over others in theory-based studies.

No one person in this world is better than others. Maybe there is. BUT there are bound to be differences, pros and cons for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. Maybe ITE students may not be very good in their studies but I must say some of them, their attitudes are commendable. Sometimes, so much far off better than me!

In what way are they stupid? NO way. Now, I view them as people who are the same as me, who simply lost their track and path, in their life's journey. All they need is the support from us. Someone else who they deem as better people as compared to themselves.

Everyday we grumble and grumble and keep criticizing them. Does this do them any good? It doesn't! What we do and say affects them. This applies to every single one. The environment that we live in shapes us out to be who we are, be it consciously or subconsciously, a change occurs within us.

What we can really do, is to give the moral support, talk to them and interact with them! Differences exist for us commoners, to solve it. It is a puzzle and a lock. The key to unlock it and abandon it, is hidden among the sea of people that live around us everyday. We, ourselves, are also keys to other people's lock within their soul and heart.

By unlocking this lock, people receive enlightenment and they will become better person.

Do you actually think Bill Gates know everything? No. We all learn from one another. What we know, may not be the best and what ITE students learn, my not be the worst.

So, wise up folks. Last quote to end this post.

"In order to kick the differences aside, we have to first make a difference"
-Benjamin Tan aka BenVoda

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