Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Haunted House Project

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Last Thursday, I managed to get my hands on a pair of movie tickets to the preview of "The Haunted House Project", all thanks to Brother Lucas Ye and OMY! I watched it with my cousin Gina, and it was a very last minute decision because I'd a pair of tickets and I just have to find someone to go with me! I'm too timid to watch it all alone and since she called me to ask if I wanna go K, I just asked her if she wanna accompany me. And she did :]

My very first impression when I watch the movie, I immediately linked it to our Singapore's very own movie Production, "Haunted Changi". The settings and environment, everything were rather similar except for the fact that it was in Korean.

It is basically about a footage found, which was what the missing victims (3 young filmmakers and 3 ghostbusters/ghost forum members, videoed for their documentary before being attacked.

What I really like about this movie is that you can never expect what is going to happen next, and it seems rather realistic in fact. And to be honest, being rather timid person I am, I am covering my face with my hands most of the time -.-"

I think the scariest part will be when one of the female ghost forum member got possessed and she started to twist her body backwards, while her legs remain still on the ground. It's damn scary and you MUST watch it! Also, when all of them started to run away from the scene, trying to find an exit to run away from the ghost, that is call SCARY.

People just go missing. And the next moment, they're dead.

If I am them, please! I'll definitely NOT run around to look for an exit! It's so freaking dark and you never know what's inside. I'll just find one good spot to camp down there! Like seriously! Who in the right mind will think of finding an exit?! Okay, maybe at least not for me.

Overall, I think that the camera motion was good, but it's too shaky at some point of times and it will cause some headache (?) Well, but I think it's all for the sake of creating the realistic atmosphere and effect eh? Haha.

So the ratings (For me) will be: 3.75/5

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