Friday, December 24, 2010

Hohoho! Merry Christmas!!!

Jingle Bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way~

Yes! Christmas is coming real soon. Like really soon. Just 1 day away from now! Everyone is preparing to celebrate this great occasion with their love ones, I assume everyone to do so. Be it you're christian or not, everyone is just into this festival!

Just look at those Christmas decorations that are all hanging around along the roads or Orchard. It naturally lifts one's spirits! How can anyone not be affected by the mood? Lol.

To me, just these shiny deco balls are enough to lift my mood!

What's a Christmas without a Christmas Tree?! And this is made up of used CDs!

I do not have a grand Christmas celebration every year. But no doubt, every single one of us in the family are always looking forward to it because of the joy that we're sharing! Even my grannie is looking forward to it. This is the time when we can really sit down as a family together, and have a big feast, other than Chinese New Year.

Why not? It's free. Not as if we've to pay for it before we can join in the festival. That's dumb.

Some people might find it utterly boring, but come on, it's definitely better than stoning at home and just staring at your computer and playing games. That's even boring.

What's more? We all find joy in buying presents for our love ones to exchange! The process of buying the presents is already a whole lot of joy. It will only get better when we meet our love ones, exchange conversations and gifts! It's like trading joy and transferring to others!


It's actually not the size or how expensive the gifts are. To me, I think it is rather more of the time that we get to spend together with our love ones. It's precious time. Priceless.

Without Christmas, will we all even be sitting down together with our family eating and exchanging gifts? That's totally rare. Also, it's dumb to exchange gifts everyday right?
So, why not do it during Christmas? It's just one day of joy =D

With some ranting and random thoughts of mine, I shall end my short post!

BenVoda, Yours Truly, sincerely wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


p/s: I've yet to buy presents for my friend and today is already Christmas Eve! So gonna buy it later when I wake up!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! MUACKS!

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