Monday, December 13, 2010

Japan, I'm coming!!!!

Two weeks ago, my mum made a very sudden decision of having the whole family to go to Japan to have out countdown and celebrate the new year there!

It was real last minute decision. How last minute? Just listen (or rather, read).

On Wednesday, 24th Nov 2010 (LOL, so specific!), my mum just suddenly popped a random question (Or rather, it's a suggestion): "I think we should go holiday this year leh... Next year, he (obviously talking about me) will be havin his As and the year after will be NS, totally no time to go holiday already! So wanna go anywhere? Maybe Japan?"

I wasn't really pinning much hope into it actually. Because previously, my cousin Gina jio us to go along and my mum was reluctant too due to the cost. But apparently, she agreed this time!

And it all happened when I worked for my cousin Gina in an event at Keppel Bay Marina. It's a freaking nice place. But I think it's all for the richies, so I'm glad I get to see the sight!

Picture 1336
I sat right in a Glass House for lunch by the sea where all the yachts are located!

Picture 1337

Picture 1339

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