Monday, December 6, 2010

When The Love Blossoms (Part 1) ♥

Finally, after one whole year of preparation, my uncle finally had his wedding on the 20th November 2010. The big day which my whole family has been waiting for.

If you all remember, I used to Blog about us going to Malaysia to find a suitable bridal shop to handle my uncle's wedding. If you missed it, you can read it HERE! Time really flies eh?

Obviously, everyone was very excited about it and during our last trip to Malaysia before my uncle's wedding, we were there to collect their wedding gowns and suits. Sorry, I don't have any photo of them changing to their gowns etc there as photography was forbidden but I got two camwhore photos of myself (As committed as every Blogger to Camwhore!)!

Love these 2 photos! The color contrast is just right! See! Photoshop does help!

Picture 1141

Picture 1145


Picture 1158

Picture 1159
My loving mummy preparing the kuehs to be served
to the Jie Meis and Xiong Dis when they come to my grannie's house!

Picture 1160
Of course! How can I forget my Forever Loving grannie who is happily preparing
for her son's wedding?! HAHA! LOVE HER ALWAYS

Picture 1161
I think this is a masterpiece by Yours Truly leh! (So thick skin!)

*Drum rolls* And the Big Day is finally here!

I woke up at freaking 5am just to prepare myself and head over to grannie's house! Luckily my grannie lives opposite block lorh! Imagine she lives at Punggol or Sengkang those Ooooloooh places (I stay at EUNOS!), I bet I've to wake up at like 3+ lorh! Siao!

Know what? I woke up earlier than the groom lah! As though I'm the one getting married!

Picture 1163
Not good enough but not bad la hor? HAHA.

Picture 1166
Giving out offerings to my grandpa who doted on the whole family & ancestors

Oh right! I was the "Tong Zi"for the day. To put it simply, I'm the one to open the couple's wedding car so as to allow them to get out of the car and go to my grannie's house! HAHA. Imagine I don't want open :p

*I got a $88 ang pao! Very big leh! Just to open door, remember?*

Picture 1164
The Bridal's Car. Cute hor? Haha.

Picture 1169
Look! Got number plate! Quick go buy 4D!!! HAHA!

Picture 1167
One of my aunt taking up the role as "Mei Po" (Matchmaker)

Picture 1171
New PS skills which I've recently learnt from My friend Yutakis!

Picture 1173
And here is the groom! My uncle!!!! Shuai mah?! HAHA.

Picture 1175
Picture 1179
Bride and groom praying to ancestors and Grandpa!
There is no much pictures on the tea ceremony because the scene was basically very chaotic at that point of time.... So...all the pictures were blurred despite me trying trying very hard to snap some nice nice photos. Haha.
So, after the tea ceremony we head off to the Singapore Museum to do a PhotoShoot! And I tagged along, hoping to snap chio photos to compensate. And It was a SUCCESS!

Picture 1204

Picture 1206

Picture 1210

Picture 1212

Picture 1217

Picture 1218

Picture 1220

Picture 1224

Picture 1226

Picture 1228

Picture 1230
Too yellow eh the picture... But it tells the whole story

Picture 1233

Picture 1234

Picture 1238

Picture 1245
This is my favourite shot of the day!

Picture 1250
Random shot which the couple wanna take with LOL.
This is the end of Part 1 of the wedding day itself! The night is definitely filled with more fun and laughter! All relatives and friends gathered together to witness the happy moments of this pair of newly wed!
Do look forward to Part 2 of this post!!!! HAHA!

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