Monday, January 31, 2011

"Homecoming" Movie Gala Premiere

Last Tuesday, I was invited to the Movie Gala Premiere of the movie, "Homecoming" by OMY.

The event was held at Vivo City and you know what? There are press medias and all there! Basically is like lots of people since there is a red carpet event, where the casts and crews will go on stage and interact with the audience, telling them how they feel like shooting for this film etc.

Just look at the crowd!


Crowd 2
The crowd trying their best to get selected by the MC to win prizes!

Movie Tickets

Post Party Tickets

Also, on stage, the casts and crew members actually gather together to Lao Yu sheng! Afterall, it's a Chinese New Year film and it's near to to the festive season, of course we cannot miss out such a good traditional practice such as Lao Yu Sheng!!!

Can bring both prosperity and good luck to the film as well as to themselves also! Why not?
Most importantly, can mum mum after that :p HAHA. I only think of food!

Lao Yu Sheng
All of them getting ready to Lao Yu Sheng and Mark Lee not forgetting to pose for camera!

Rebecca Lim
A short interview with Rebecca Lim after that!

Overall, I'll rate the movie a 7.5/10.

What I find interesting is that it truly reflects how the modern society view Chinese New Year, how they view the reunion dinner, together as a family. It shows the generation gap and differences in thinking of the older generation and the younger ones, and how they view the importance of reunion dinner.

Basically, it reflects everything that we see today of we, the younger generation, as well as the persistence of the older generations.

What I find that they can improve on, will be the plot, I guess? No doubt it is funny, yet it lack the element of climax. The story seems to be a little bit dull with no much climax to it.
However, this is still a good movie to watch together as a family, over the festive season!

So go catch the movie together now with your family over Chinese New Year!


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