Thursday, January 20, 2011

What?! SUJU CONCERT 2011?!

Yes, your eyes are definitely NOT playing a trick on you!

Indeed, to all KPOP fanboys and fangirls out there! Super Junior is coming to Singapore, to town, next weekend! Don't tell me you don't know who they are?! If you don't look at this:
Super Junior
You sure you all can forget these 13 suave faces or not?! Oh yah, maybe lack of one member..


SAM_0085 Vintage
How can miss out new member, BenVoda?! LOL! Just joking~

I don't wanna be the target of SuJu's fans okay?! LOL.

Excited about the whole concert now?! Well, I'm not here just to inform you about them coming only okay?! Obviously, I am here for some good treats in store for just you guys!

You all actually stand a chance to win
SuJu SS3 Concert tickets for yourselves!

How's that?! Take this as an Early Chinese New Year gift then!!!! Better than Ang Pao right?
HAHAH! Then you all can then guai guai, obediently surrender your red packets to me since I'm sucha nice person to inform you all about this leh! HAHA.

Okay, ignore me. I'm being kinda lunatic over here! Lol.

Alright just simply follow these steps to get yourself on the journey to win those tickets!

Visit the Omy Facebook SuJu SS3 Concert Giveaway Contest
After that, you should be looking and staring at this page with this photo:
OMY Advert
After you've reach this page:
1. Comment on this PHOTO and tell us why YOU deserve to win, then invite as many friends as possible to view the photo and "like" your comment. Comments with most "likes" will be selected to win a pair of tickets!

2. As a bonus for your friends/voters, one (1) lucky voter will also stand to win a pair of concert tickets!

OMY Advert 2
See? It's that easy! Just simply leave a comment and you might stand a chance to win those tickets! Well, now more infos for you all to digest, but I bet you all will do anything to know about it eh? Haha!

The SuJu Concerts are on-
Date: 29-30 Jan 2011
Time: Sat, 6.30pm and Sun, 4pm

You all must be smiling to yourself in front of your computer right?! Like this silly boy:

Of course, it's yours truly. HAHA!

Don't I look like potential Super Junior new member?! LOL! *wake up Benjamin*

Well of course, though I cannot be a member of Super Junior, I'll definitely wanna be part of the whole concert! At least let me watch the concert!!!!! Oh come on!

It's already been a BIG REGRET for me since I was unable to make it for MNET and all other Korean Groups came to Singapore for concerts and all! That's damn saddening luh!

And finally, this piece of good news just fall upon me! Obviously I'm not gonna let this go! What's more?! I wanna see a LIVE performance of them!!!! I wanna dance with them, sing with them, although all downstage but it's worth it!!! I JUST WANNA BE PART OF IT!

Of course not to forget that, a lot of other bloggers have attended MNET and all....and they've fabulous experience to share with all of you all!!! I just need this opportunity as well! Afterall, there is NO WAY that I can ever have enough money to go for the concert! Not because I've no savings (I not spendthrift okay?!), it's simply because my parents don't like me to spend money going to concert!

Even wit big-round-eyes-innocent-looking looks also no use...

Like this also no use leh?! HAHA! (See, I even leak out another photo of my Japan Trip!!)

So I do really hope that I can proudly lift my head high and tell my parents and friends that I've got the tickets from OMY! And I'm so gonna get the chance to meet Super Junior face to face!!! And it's such a rare opportunity man!!!

So OMY, please let me get the tickets >.<

Alright! I shall now await for the dream to be realized :p So for you peeps out there, stop waiting and comment on the FB page and stand a chance to win as well!!! Good luck everyone!

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