Sunday, February 20, 2011

Loving Malaysia~

HAHA. Every Saturday, or MOST of the Saturdays, my family and I will tag along my uncle and his wife to Malaysia! What for?! To have some relaxing moments~

We always love to go there to have a good body and leg massage followed by some big feast by eating Lok Lok along the road side! They're yummylicious! On top of that, the real deal is that, you can eat lots and lots of them yet you pay very small amount only! Malaysia Booleh!

Having a good relaxing time doing my foot reflexology

This stall is actually a van! And at the back of the van is where all these food are!!!

A LOT RIGHT?! OMGWTFBBQ! All you have to do is to take a plate, choose whatever food you wanna have and pass it to the vendor! You can either choose to boil it in hot water or pass it to the vendor and asked them to help you deep fried it! Personally I like the depp fried ones the best!

Looking at this whole pile of food, I wonder how long does it actually take the person to prepare o.O Anyway, my family and I took like over 30+ sticks of the food which includes, meat, mushrooms, bacon etc. Basically, it's all good stuffs, yet we only paid less than S$20!!!

Cheap like mad! Can I be the male version of Budget Baribe? LOL.



I love Malaysia and it's a MUST GO if you want cheap stuffs yet shiok at the same time!
So, who wanna go Malaysia with me?! HAHA! Do jio me okay?! HAHA.

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