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Authentic Fame That Bloggers Deserve?

Recently been rather busy with school CAs etc. So when I really got the opportunity to sit down, I'll be like surfing the net and as usual, Blog-Hopping around like a bunny.

Then this question just suddenly light up in my head:

"There are many Famous Bloggers out there, but how many of them earn their own fame?"

This question may sound relatively stupid and all, but just ask yourself, indeed there are many Famous Bloggers within the BlogSphere but exactly how many of them deserve it? How many of them earn it through their own hard work?

Many of you might be thinking that I'm crazy because I'm simply asking an idiotic question here. Because you all will be responding that it's obvious they all deserve it and they earn it themselves!

Well then, let me tell you this:

"Some Bloggers earn their fame and status thanks to the circle of friends they're in with"

Seriously. Some people simply do not have to put in any effort or hard work, they'll naturally be famous. Like previously I came across this new Blog yet it has tons of sponsors and also high blog hits as well.

Then, I was just wondering like why does it have so many hits etc. That person is not even any actor, singer, simply put, not a household name at all. So why so famous?

Answer: The friend is a freaking famous Blogger.

That's the reason why. People simply do not need to rack their brains about what to Blog to get more readers, and naturally, tons of people will flood to the blog. People wants to read it because he/she is being associated with the all-time-favourite-famous-blogger!

I know what you guys are thinking of right now. Yes, I am ranting down here, maybe like a sore loser which you all are thinking of right now. Get this right people, I may not be like entirely famous (although I think I am), but I do have wee bit of fame in the Blogsphere.

At least, I have my own bunch of readers and I do get sponsors and reviews to do. Take that.

So I do wonder at times like, do they really deserve what they have today?

If their blogs are very interesting to read and the photos are nice and I can feel the effort that was being put into each and every post, I'll definitely be a fan boy of that blogger too! BUT, obviously it's not...if not why will I even have this post written up right?

Their posts totally have no efforts being displayed. For example, they're doing some endorsement for a certain products and they're required to do up a review on it. For consumers, it's natural that they are only willing to buy the products when the advertisement or reviews sound attractive.

Picture is what people see first before they smell or feel it.Thus it's the first impression that counts, if not why people bother to dress up right? It's the same concept, products need to be dressed up as well.

So I was rather turned off.... I'll definitely not buy those products.

Comments: Then it's dumb that you're not associated with famous Bloggers, stop whining.
This is actually what I expect to hear from the mouths or minds of you guys out there when you're reading this post. I must say that you're ignorant if you think that I do not have any Famous Bloggers as friends. Damn it.

Well, here are some Bloggers who I think they really deserve the recognition from us. On top of that, it's the effort that they've put in, in order to leave a deep impression as well as to satisfy the readers. That's the true mission of Bloggers! First up, it is our Blogsphere's very own Blogger Queen, XiaXue!!

Chio XiaXue
Photo from:

Xiaxue really lives up to her name of being the Blogger Queen! Not only does she as interesting posts, her blog hits can hit up to tens or even hundreds or thousands PER DAY! Get it? Is PER DAY! That goes to show how influential is she!

Not only that, she really works her way up the ladder to get to the stage she is in now. Kudos to her! Personally, I love the way she photoshop her photos and make them damn chio! So people, stop criticizing her! At least we Bloggers PhotoShop our photos to look chioer, it's much better than you all who don't even bother to do so and choose to remain fugly. Pft.

Basically, what I really really like about her is her candidness and she's always being straightforward. To me, I really hate people who beat around the bush (unless you're trying to get your bf or gf to get you something), just be straightforward peeps. If you don't like, it means you don't like. Why do you even bother try to act like you're good friends or so? It's mad irritating. Totally piss me off.

Also, Xiaxue dedicates like her passion to Blogging and it's not dying, which I'm happy about. That means she'll continue Blogging! Yay! Anyway, if you all did veer visit her Blog, you'll know why she's famous. First impression upon seeing her blog will be like "WOW!"
Seriously, she puts in effort to make her Blog a good one, from the layout to the design and to the Blog Posts.

Her Blog posts are always fun and amusing to read. It toally reflects what people usually are thinking of, yet we all do not have the balls to voice it out. She's like a voice of ours. So does she not deserve the title of being famous and being Blogger Queen? She definitely does! NO one else can replace her!


Next up, to me, he's actually the male version of XiaXue. He's like a source of inspiration for guys who like to camwhore and to make their photos look damn chio~

He's none other than, Yutakis!

Yutalis Home Page
Photo from:

Just by looking at this picture (above) of his Blog Home Page, you can already expect his content to be much more fantabulous! All his photos are being Photoshop in such a way that they inspire people to be like him.

Yutakis has indeed proven the point that guys can also be a good camwhorer and we as guys, can make pictures look pretty as well. Afterall, like what Yutakis always says, "We only live once" so why not capture down the beautiful moments and leave down good memories in future.

What is commendable about Yutakis is that, he is very humble despite the fact that he is really popular. Also, I like his efforts in doing his blog posts. If you do visit his website, you can see that although there is a great interval in between his postings, yet every single posts does not disappoint us, and is worth the waiting.
Also, I really think that he deserves recognition simply because it's actually a well known fact to people who read his Blog that he really puts in lots of effort to edit his photos and he always stays up late to do it just for us to read etc.

So, many of his readers, including me, will always like comment him for his good job and fantabulous work etc. Despite being so, he's NEVER once shown any complacency! Instead, he's always being humble and only strive to make each and every single work of his to be better than the previous.

It makes me feel that he's putting in a lot of effort just to make sure that we as readers, also get the best out of it when we visit his Blog. This is call commitment. Respect to him!!!

I've also meet up with him in real life too. Well, he's the kind of people who simply interacts with ANYONE as long as you dare to approach him! There's no need to be scared of him. He's really friendly, despite his success, which I deemed it to be an great asset of his!

SO obviously, he earn his fame through the respect and commitments he put into his blog and his readers. Kudos!


Next I'll be introducing a few of Teen Bloggers who serve as a motivation for Young Bloggers. The first one has the same name as me, Benjamin, but obviously he's much more famous. Know who is he? YUP! None other than Benjamin Toh aka TypicalBen:

Photos from:

Young as he may be, yet I like his Photos, be it for advertorials or just updates, his photos are always very sharp. It's more sharp than what our eyes can see luh. Tsktsk.

Being a Teen Blogger, he does serve as a very good example for us to follow. He ensures that all his photos are sharp, which is very important as I mentioned nobody wants to see blur photos, unless is arty farty ones.

Being titled as a teen blogger, and a successful one, every time I read his Blog, I can feel the positive vibe that is being portray from his Blog. The youthfulness that we all wanna get from him. Not forgetting that cute looking face which made so many girls go GAGA over him, and make all guys out there jealous of him, including me luh. Lol.

Yah and despite his cute and hansum look, he's humble about it. He hardly brags about his look, or maybe not even once. This is the main thing already, he does not brag. It's like if people knows that you're good looking, they'll know it. But if you ever brag bout it, it turns people off. And I guess this is the source of attraction to people. He don't brag despite the success he has now as well. This is like an ultimate asset. Never Brag.

I've also met him several times before, and during one of the event, G+ Bloggers Meet Up, he was required to give a talk on about giving us tips on how to be successful as them. That was when I discovered he's also straightforward in some sense. Personally, I like his style of dressing. It's like casual yet fashionable at the same time. I don't get it why people always like to comment that he dresses up like a girl?! Hello?! That's call fashion!!!! And there are tons of guys out there who are wearing girl's sized clothes nowadays! Keep up with time can or not?! Damn.

So he was commenting during the event like "Don't care too much about what people say. They say I wear bangles, then okay lor. I wear bling vest, okay lor." See, it's not really entirely about what people think. People do shaped up for who we are but we must always remember not to lose the true real of ourselves.

TypicalBen has his own unique style which might not be accepted by his haters

and all. But does that bring him down? NO. So, I think he's really deserve to be famous for the fact that he's not a bragger (if you get what I mean), and he keeps to his own style. It's actually quite a tragic if Bloggers do not have their own style. What's a true successful Blogger if all your posts and work, dressings etc are all copied from other bloggers?

Isn't that real tragic and pitiful? You do not have your own style, you do not deserve to succeed then. Get your own life people, that's the only way to be unique!

Also being consistent is the key to success as well, and I do see that in TypicalBen. His readers and all will know that he's like in army now? Yet he always will set some time aside to update his Blogs with pictures that are PHOTOSHOPPED. Why I caps the word PhotoShop? Hello, if you're in army and you've off days, normally people will go out with friends whole day long or sleep for the matters. But, TypicalBen actually choose to set som time aside to edit his pictures and post it on his Blog to make us, his readers, happy peeps!

That's commitment people. He don't stop at some random posts and leave it there for weeks or months! Effort is what he put in and hardwork is what I see. Consistency is the key and passion is the motivation. And I see all this in him!!! So obviously, I idolise him to the max and all his readers will agree that he does deserve to be a famous blogger! A Teen Blogger who motivates us!


Looking at some nice arty photos (at least to me it is), then don't miss out on this Teen Blogger, Jayden aka Jayleif:

Photo from:

Everyone you all should meet our our very own multidisciplinary graphic artist based in Singapore, Jayleif! What I really like about his Blog Posts will be the way he edites his photos. They tell a story to me. Each and every single one of it.

This is not something easy. Everyone knows how to take photos. But, are we able to tell a story out of it is another question. This you must check it out yourself to fully understand it.

As usual, hard work play a very large part in it as well. You think the photos will snap by themselves meh? LOL. It all boils down to commitment. Something which is easier said than done. How many of us are willing to commit time to it? No much, to be honest.

What I must say too will be that passion plays a very great part in it as well. Being very interested in art-related stuffs, Jayden has displayed his great sense of love and passion for it through his art pieces on his blog. Do head down to his Blog now and admire those great works or his alright?!


Esther Xie
Photo from:

Next up, we have Esther Xie with us!

At first sight, one will actually recognise her as a very sweet girl. And in actual fact, she IS a sweet and friendly girl. Met her during a few of blogging events. Just like the above Bloggers I mentioned, despite her fame she's currently immersed in, there is no air being displayed on her part. How nice!

Her blogging style is also unique and relatable to us.

To me, her blogging style is such that she Blogs about her daily life, yet it doesn't sound a wee bit mundane or boring at all. Many people actuallty miss out this important aspect of Blogging?

Many has the very very BIG wrong perception of Blogging. They feel that Bloggers are blogging for the sake of getting fame, sponsorships and all. But come on, let's all be a little bit mature. Stop blogging for the sake of just to get sponsors or benefits! That's not the whole point of blogging.

Yesh, indeed, some of us bloggers do get sponsorships and all. But we were being approached by people because of various reasons. It could be due to the traffic to our Blog or maybe simply because there are some attracting winning points of our blogs which people might find it attractive.

Blogging is a passion for people and we should not only focus on advertorials but also on our daily life! That's what I really l really like about Esther's blog. She Blogs about her personal almost on average, every single day. Also, she does Blog about her Bf from time to time also.

Bloggers like Esther who still blogs about her daily life, despite her fame, is rare already. Or maybe even extinct. She's indeed one of the few who does so nowadays. If a Blog focuses too much on Advertorials, people might as well go watch television right? Got commercial time, still got show to watch also.

So because Esther does not lose the real true meaning behind Blogging as a passion, I respect her and I am a frequent reader of her Blog! *fanboy*


With this, I just want to say that. Blogging is not about getting fame. We all have to remember why we first started Blogging. It is because of the passion, because we want to record down things so as to remember them in the future.

Fame is not something we give ourself. We earn it. If we truly deserve it, we'll get it. So no much use trying very hard to get fame. Instead, we should focus on conveying what we want to others or people out there who do red our blogs.

Well, hope you all do not lose your passion for Blogging! We're Bloggers FTW!

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  1. Are u sure yutakis is humble? Try leaving a snide comment on his photos and he will insist u back. Xx doesn't even do that.