Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can I Play With Fire Again? Please...

Coming along this long journey has been a tedious one.

But having the right equipments to go along with you is the most important thing. And here the 10 of us are bestowed with the ALMIGHTY HTC WILDFIRE!!!!

Remember I used to help HTC do a review on the exact same phone? You can read it HERE !Well, that was quite some time ago and I've never dreamt of getting my hands back on this handset again!

Most importantly, no matter how invincible we are, we do need friends! That does not exclude the 10 AWESOME Bloggers who are all out there slogging their guts out to emerge victorious! So now, to make things much more convenient, HTC is helping us to......

YESH your eyes are not playing a trick on you! As small as it may seem to be, the HTC WILDFIRE, honed with the new ability known as "HTC SENSE", has resurfaced as a very competitive phone in the market! What's more? It's REALLY FANTABULOUS!

What's more, you lucky peeps out there have the luxury to choose the color you want. The one that best describes you. The one that best represents you. and only. Here you go:

Obviously, if you're my hard core readers, you'll know that I'll definitely go for the RED!

Alright so, first and foremost, I'll have to thank HTC for loaning me this phone! It's a great pleasure to use it once again like I've said! This phone is awesome.

What's more?! For students out there, if you want to get your hands on a set of Smartphone to keep your social netowrking life ALIVE, yet you wanna save on money, THIS IS THE PHONE FOR YOU!
Why? Because it has..................................


That's basically the MOST IDEAL phone that people will wanna get nowadays!
Of course that's not all to it! With the new and formidable HTC Sense, here is one sneak:

This means that it'll actually ring louder in enclosed place and when you take the phone out,
it'll actually gets softer! That's how amazing the HTC Sense is!

Looks at the amount of FANTABULOUS equipments that we can actually get to make life better
While I'm walking around and exploring what are other benefits that we can actually enjoy from getting a HTC phone with the powerful HTC Sense and......Luke (one of the 10 Bloggers) came in to get educated and enlightened about the phone as well.

Well, we're all here for the same purpose and that is to get to know more about the star of the day, HTC WILDFIRE! Look at the star on display! HAHA. The dummy set quite cute eh? LOL.

Now, what's really attracting me and made me fall in love with it so deeply is that, it has this function whereby all your friends' information will be displayed to you when you open their contacts! That's freaking amazing!

That's exactly how HTC phones with HTC Sense are able to bring YOUR friends tO YOU!

You see, as long as you go to your friend's contacts, all information such as messages, call history, updates on FaceBook, Twitter or other apps, will ALL be displayed for your view! That's freaking cool, no? HAHA.

WONDERFUL isn't it?! Now you all must be damn tempted to get the phone right?!

Do go grab yours now! Basics in design yet extraordinary in functions. How glad am I to be given the chance to use the HTC Wildfire again!

So I will like to extend my gratitude to, F&N as well not HTC! THANKS A LOT!!!!!

And here is one shoot that looks like Luke and I are Star Bloggers endorsing HTC phones! HAHA. Wait, maybe we ARE stars. Just that we're still waiting to be discovered. LOL!

HAHA! Really look like those stars right?! HIAK HIAK. Anyway, the cool dude in black is the one that guide me through the whole night and was very patient with us! Thank you! I'm sorry I've forgotten your name! Thanks a lot!

So now, what are you all waiting for? Do head down to any HTC outlets now and get your hands on their handsets with the HTC Sense!!!! GOGOGO!!!

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