Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Mess With.............FREE FRAG

That's right! It's the Free Frag! First impression they gave me when I first saw them in the preliminaries was that they're actually very fuuny and no doubt, serious as well. It was their baggy jeans and the oversized green tees that they wore, that left a very deep impression in me. Of course, to me, they're cute yet mesmerising dance as well! So, here I am, presenting to you, FREE FRAG!

Here we have them, Free Frag!!! HAHA. (I look freaking dark in this photo!) The interview that I did with them was held in Nanyang Polytechnic, the hideout where they train for their competition. In fact, I see whole bunch of other dancers practicing their dances as well! HAHA. Well, they might be joining SDD Next year!

Being a very nice Blog Bestie of mine, Angie, who Blogs at HERE, accompanied me to NYP since she is the student there and she lives near! So she offered to accompany me! So sweet!

So, upon seeing the group, I actually noticed that they're practicing very very hard among themselves as a group, in fron of a glass panel! That's a very touching (I don't know how to describe it well....but ya...) sight in fact, seeing a group of youths slogging off and perspiring, striving to earn a recognition for their dreams.

Every single drop of perspiration is a whole lot of effort that they've put in for the competition.

Just look at that amount of sweat that they're perspiring. Easy job? Never once has it been... So, I approached them and they gave me a very warm welcome and was actually teasing around as well :p That's very cute and funny of them. HAHA. So here I go, interviewing the group:

Most important question that everyone wants to know how much experience they have. So, how long have you all been dancing?

A: Erm..... 2 years. *another one shouts: 1 year* *another one shouts 3 years!* Finally, all of them looked at each other and went "Aiya, just write on average 3 years. Okay? Okay!"

HAHA. It was damn funny and I should've captured their expression if I could!

Q. What was your aim when you first joined the competition? Any changes from then till now?

Ryuta (cool guy in cap) answered: Confirm to win champion luh! Wanna join, must win champion, if not don't join at all. (At that time, other group members went "WOW!!!!!") HAHA.

We're talking about confidence here. You see, as dancers, singers, students and even Bloggers, basically every job or interest that we do, confidence plays an essential role! Let's not even talk about succeeding. In order for us to just even do the job well, we must indeed have certain level of confidence, without it, we might not even get the chance to get the job done!

Well, what's more? We're talking about dancing here. In a competition too, in addition. Confidence gives people an aura of charisma. It definitely plays an important part in dancing. How confident you are, determines how much you shine and how attractive you are on stage.

A singer has their confidence displyed through their voice. A student displays his/her confidence through the results. A blogger displays his/her confidence through their interesting posts and viewerships. What about dancers? They do so through their dance steps and actions.

Q. Dancing requires a lot of commitment. So how are you all able to strike a balance with your own personal commitments and your passions for dance?

A: Currently, we have no commitments at all because there's no longer school or assignments. Basically we just sleep, wake up, then off we go to dance. *Hiak hiak*

Despite saying these and putting jokes aside, who has no commitments right? Time management is also another key. Normally, it's actually much easier for us to say than to put it into actions. Be it in school or work, the concept of managing out time well has always been emphasised to us since we're young. And indeed, it is very important aspect of life.

It does not matter what we do, time management is undeniably important. What's more? These bunch of energetic youths are doing something that they enjoy, something that they have great interest and passion for. Obviously, automatically, they'll set aside time from their studies or any other own commitments for dance practices. Just like us Bloggers, we do set aside time to Blog to bring you all great Blog posts! HAHA!

Q.Who so you think are your competitors, strong competitors that is, in the whole competition?

A: Nah! There aren't any competition to us at all. Because we're gonna be the champion! (Team mates went: WAH SEY! Cocky siol! HAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!) NO LA, JUST JOKING. But to be honest, there's seriously no competitors to us at all because we joined the competition together as dancers. So, we can actually learn from one another and what's more? We're friends! What competitor? Haha.

That's why. Competition is important. But friendship outweighs everything. What's a competition without the friendships being formed? Friends are at times a great source of motivation for people and they do push us up to greater heights at times. So, it's kinda heartening when you see competitors not being too strong-headed about winning.

I mean it's good to think and wanna aim to be champion but that shouldn't be the only thought that is running through their minds. Thus, it's good to know that there are indeed youths with such thinking as well!

Alright! The pictures are enough for your eyes. Now they need some motion feasts! Take a look at the video below of the never before seen (maybe to some of you out there) practice of Free Frag. At the same time,you all are able to witness some tiny winy bit of their humour. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching it guys!

Coming right up, I'll be posting the whole Singapore Dance Delight Vol.2 FINALS on my Blog! I know it's taken quite some time for me to blog about it! But no worries, like I always said, good things are worth waiting!!!! HAHA. STAY TUNE!!!

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