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The F&N Journey

Hi everyone!

Today marks the official last day of my journey with 9 other Bloggers with F&N as well as the Singapore Dance Delight 2011 Vol. 2. All I can say is that it has indeed been a very long journey for me and I really did enjoy myself A LOT. I've been blogging for 5 years and this is one major event, in fact maybe even the biggest event that I've attended. On top of that, being able to make friends with other famous Bloggers have indeed make this experience much more precious!


This whole journey started off when I was just a Blogger who had the intention of covering the Singapore Dance Delight 2011 Vol. 2 Event that was held at *SCAPE. You can read it HERE to recap!

It was an eye opener for me when I realised exactly how big the event was! It was no other normal event. It's actually a platform for youths who have enormous gigantic interest in Dancing! And right on that stage, is where youths around my age, pursue their dreams of becoming a good dancer and one that can represent Singapore to take part in the Japan Dance Delight!

The night of 26 Feb 2011, 40 teams perspired and gave all they had on the stage. All of them had the common aim and that was to capture the judges' attention so that they can get into the FINALS. One step closer to realising their dream.


Seeing the dancers putting in so much effot, really touches my heart even though I'm not one.

All of them are pursuing their dreams. Just like what I am doing. Aiming to be a good Blogger! The road to success is never easy. It never will be. Yet they do not give up.

On that day, I was on the mission of covering the event and posting it up on my Blog, with the hope that I'll also be one of the 10 Blogger Finalist to have the honor to cover the FINALS and stand myself a chance to be one of the lucky 2 bloggers to go to Japan to cover the Japan Dance Delight!

True enough, with my hard work and with the hard work I've put in for the post.......

group photo

I manage to be one of the top 10 Bloggers to be in the event!

As such, I'd the privilege to interview 2 of the finalist dance teams, and on top of that, I also get to cover the FINALS that is held at Wavehouse Sentosa! That's such a fabulous news for me!!! Before we embark on the hard journey, we were invited to a party at SOUL. This is a chance given to us by OMY as well as F&N, for the Bloggers to get to know each other more and what's more important? To spread the groove among ourselves first before we try to spread it to others!

You can read a short post of the goodies I've received --> HERE

We all enjoyed ourselves and needless to say, I did too. Right there, we had fun and we even got to know one another better at the same time! How do we show and present the power of the Bloggers to others? We 5 Bloggers (because not all manage to make it for the party), participated in a game and played against another team. Guess what? WE WON! That was a priceless moment!

There you have! All the 5 Bloggers that were present at that night :] After that, we all left SOUL with a smile on our faces. And me? I do laugh like an idiot to myself from time to time, while thinking back about the moment when we all worked as a team and won the game.

It's not about winning that matters back then. Instead, it's the bond that we've fostered through the game itself. That's much more precious and memorable than anything. Also, from that night onwards, I manage to find myself a Blog Bestie and that is none other than Angie!!!!

After the party at SOUL, all the Bloggers had a very tight schedule ahead waiting for us! That very week, we had to interview two of the finalist teams that we were assigned to and Blog about it as well. And that very weekend, we had to attend the FINALS at Wavehoue Sentosa! So, we're practically rushing against time. For me, I had to balance both my studies (with upcoming exams!) with the event.

But nonethelss, I managed to cope with it. Also, I really enjoyed myself! Because for the first time in my entire Blogging years, I felt like a worthy Blogger! HAHA. So, the first group that I'd done the interview with is, Househead. You can read up their interview right HERE!

Like I've mentioned before, they're one unique team!!! I do admire their spirits! They do have the intention to win the competition initially when they first joined the competition. However, their aim starts to change when they entered the FINALS. They sincerely hope that they're able to spread the unique dance that they're dancing to the masses.

The dance that they did was, HOUSE. And in Singapore itself, they are like the only few that are dancing it. I guess you all should just read up on the interview that I did with them to find out more! Not to forget, they're one bunch of funny and friendly dudes! HAHA.

Next I did an interview with the other dance team, Free Frag!!!! You all can read up HERE!

These guys are indeed one bunch of AWESOME peeps as well. Easy to get along with and of course, friendly! Same! Just read their interview!!!!! They also joke around with me when I did the interview with them! Awwwwwwww~ Such good memories!!!!!

And yesh! Right here, we've finally reached the last lap of the whole journey: FINALS

I must really comment that the whole competition was held very smoothly. The weather was appropriate and windy too. Thus, everyone was in a relatively cheerful mood, which makes the whole competition very good to watch and nice atmosphere for the participants to compete in!

Once again, twice in a row, Joyce and The Boys, clinched the title of champion once again! They'll be representing Singapore to take part in this year's Japan Delight that will be held towards the end of this year! Do look forward to it!!!

Also, the other groups have done very well too during the FINALS. Do read up the post HERE to look at the photos of the groups slogging away and giving all they had on the stage! It's definitely, confirm plus chop plus gurantee a worth it post to read! GOGOGOGOGO!

Last of all, F&N was very nice and gave the 10 Bloggers 10 tickets each to the Far East Movement Concert that was held at Wavehouse Sentosa!

What I regret most was that, there was some techinical error with my hard disk, which resulted in the loss of the photos and videos that I took for the concert and I'm left with only 2 photos from the conert! Thus, I'm unable to Blog about it! However, I will still like to thanks F&N and OMY for the tickets! I'd lots of fun singing and dancing along with other Bloggers during the whole concert! I love G6 AND ROCKETEER!!! LOL! THANK YOU!!!!


In a blink of an eye, one month has just passed like this......

All the fun that I'd has come to and end. Like I've mentioned a lot of times, I will really treasure this period which I've spent with F&N, OMY as well as other 9 Bloggers. I've indeed learnt a lot from the dancers themselves as well as other Bloggers. This has actually make me grow more mature in terms of thinking.

The dancers showed me that perseverance is key to success.

Even if we cannot success, as long as we put in the hard work that is required of us, there will be no regrets. Indeed, we should all live without regrets. If we want to do something, we should give it all our best.

We all live only once. Thus, it's best that we make full use of whatever oxygen that is left within our body and flowing within, to do the things that we want. Obviously, be rational. Lol. Also, I've learnt from Househead and Free Frag that winning is not everything, it's the process.

Often, people always only know how to say that, it's the process that matters. However, after the interview that I've done with the two teams, I've realised that indeed, winnins is NOT everything. Through the competition, friendships are formed and the groups all bond together. Yes, without a doubt, everyone is eyeing to be the Champion but, they've not forgotten something that meant much more than winning. And that is friendship.

What is winning the competition if we do not have friends that cheer with us, that are happy for us? We're nothing. I remember I interviewed Free Frag and I like something that they've commented on "There is no competition inside to us. We're all friends! We learn from one another. We're friends, so no competition!"

This is rare. But yet, at the end of the day, friendship IS the real precious thing. Being able to make friends and forming bonds with other groups had already made all of the participants a Champion in their own lives. That's the most priceless thing that they've reaped from the competition.

At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the 9 Bloggers as well. You all have been very nice companion throughout the whole journey. Just like the dancers, I think it doesn't really matter who wins the HTC phones or who are the lucky 2 to get to Japan. I bet all of us are already happy that we're able to be friends with one another.

I do not know about you all but, I am really happy to be friends with you all and I do hope that we can still maintain this friendship for years to come. Without you all, this whole journey will be relatively boring. You all add colors to my life.

I will always remember how we all go events together. How we had fun together as bloggers. How we joke around with one another. How we all snap photos together as if we're kiasus. How we dance and party together. How we always camwhore as one family. How we take care of each other. How we rock the party ground as a blogger family. How we first and met and reach till the stage where we are like family now.

Just tell me, how can I possibly forget all these? I can't.

This is a period of memory which I'll always keep within my mind. Thank you for everything William, CalvinTimo, Yong Wei, Angie, Jia Qi, Jia Yi, Luke, Sze Ping and Darren! LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU ALL!!!! WILL MISSS YOU ALL AS WELL :(



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